تاریخMay 26, 2020

Zakir Naik Issued Fatwa on Trukish Drama Ertugrul – (Complete Analysis)

Khalid Talat

Famous Turkish drama Ertugrul has opened a new pandora box due to which people have divided into two segments. Where, on one side, the majority of the people are praising and appreciating the content, but there is also a small public who are opposing the serial. Various Islamic scholars have issued Fatwas against the Ertugrul series. According to them, watching Ertugrul is not permissible in Islam due to the music and unveiled women in the drama.

A video has uploaded on youtube, in which the world-famous Islamic Scholar Dr. Zakir Naik clarifies the issue of Ertugrul. Zakir Naik stated that they received hundreds and thousands of questions regarding Ertugrul from all over the world. He categorically said that watching Ertugrul is not permissible in Islam due to the inclusion of Music and women. He explained that watching all kind of movies and drama serials are Haram in our religion because the content of the movies and dramas, in the contemporary era, are full obscenity and nudity. Bollywood and Hollywood movies are full of nude and kissing scenes, objectification of women, music, etc, which are not allowed to watch in Islamic culture.

Zakir Naik said that if we compare the Ertugrul drama with other serials, there is a huge difference. In Ertugrul, women are without a veil, not in hijab, it is haraam to have music, but it is not like Hollywood or Bollywood movies which have scenes of kissing, hugging, or making love. He also analyzed that in one film, a woman is wearing a miniskirt or short dress, and in Ertugrul, a woman has completely covered her body, which is a better gesture.

He said that no one can give a fatwa that it is permissible to watch Ertugrul, but it is better to watch dramas like Ertugrul than to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies, and it is giving a great message.

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