تاریخMay 26, 2020

Youth taking over Pakistans Image

Pakistan has been blessed with such splendor for which phrases fall brief and do little justice, to see how much there is to see in our stunning mother land, we want to come out of our comfort zones and put in effort to change the brutal and distinctly poor picture portrayed by using our very own media. Due to this harsh reality many worry journeying to Pakistan, this has been the principal motive why tourism is diminishing.

The youth has now taken over, social media has given us so much electricity through the years of which positive results can be visible. Travelers and explorers like Eva Zu Beck, Mark Wiens, trevor james, Rosie Gabrielle and lots of more thru their weblog and Vlogs have showed the true pragmatic face of Pakistan besides for the blood losing and girls oppressing fake face of our country.
The 2nd and the most saddening purpose to why we are losing the essence of God’s Gift is the dearth of information we’ve of how matters are stored, how matters are looked after, how matters should now not be taken with no consideration and how no one should treat their blessed property like Pakistanis do. It’s one of these pity how we throw trash and use stuff that is nowhere close to being green and we count on the site visitors to now not do all the above, SEE THE IRONY?
Margalla and Murree hills are nonetheless the most touring  sites in the locality, but the side pavements which might be imagined to be fenced are bordered finely with wrappers, bottles, leftover…one of these disgrace isn’t it?Till while are we going to look our land of splendor turn into land of ruins?
Don’t just suppose,Work!

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