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How ‘Wuhan Model’ can help in Overcoming COVID-19 Devastation?



The city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus in the world, has emerged victorious after a long and patient struggle. Leading media outlets around the world, including the Pakistani media, made headlines on April 8 over the end of the lockdown in Wuhan and received numerous reviews and comments. In the 76-day “People’s War” against COVID-19 from January 23 to April 8, Wuhan finally emerged victorious and sent a message of hope and light to all humanity affected by the global epidemic.

The end of the lockdown in Wuhan has given hope to all the cities around the world that are currently locked down due to the coronavirus and the people there are facing many problems due to this. When the Chinese government decided to close Wuhan on January 23, the decision was sharply criticized by various quarters, calling it a serious violation of human rights in modern history. But later events proved that due to limited medical resources and unavailability of vaccines, “lockdown” was the only correct choice, which the world is following today. Regardless, the world did not take such steps too late or took the necessary steps to alleviate the global epidemic and today the situation has become very serious.

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The lockdown was decided at a time when the number of patients in the city was growing rapidly, there was a shortage of hospitals, and the number of medical staff was very limited. Testing kits were not readily available and above all, how to provide facilities to Wuhan’s 11 million population?

The damage caused by the closure of economic activities in the city was in place, but “isolating” the free lifestyle of the people was certainly no less of a challenge, but Wuhan did it. At a great financial cost, the people also sacrificed their individual freedom because the sole purpose was to save themselves, their country, and the people of other countries from the coronavirus, in which they were quite successful. Because if travel restrictions had not been imposed on Wuhan at that time, the virus would have spread around the world at a faster rate and the situation would have been many times more serious than it is today.

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Of course, Wuhan’s lockdown gave the rest of the world a valuable two-month respite from the necessary preparations, but perhaps the world did not benefit from it. Especially in the developed countries of the world, including the United States, where the destruction of the Coronavirus has not stopped, they thought that the virus might be confined to China, but it did not happen. The Coronavirus targets everyone without distinction between countries and personalities, and Western countries that were proud of their strong medical systems are now portrayed as helpless.

The question that comes to mind here is whether China did everything right to control the epidemic? Certainly, the answer is no, because the Chinese government itself acknowledges that in many respects things need to be reformed, improved, and revised to rectify the shortcomings of the future. I think the Chinese government’s “isolation model” for counter-epidemic and the systematic approach of the people is a big reason for its success.

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How people across China, including Wuhan, restricted their social activities to their homes was an extraordinary process. The world has seen the Chinese authorities crackdown on infected patients and their close associates, and the public’s “self-isolation” has slowed the spread of the virus in just a few days. People say that the Chinese nation is committed to discipline, but it is perhaps not easy to put into words the systematic behavior and sacrifices made by the people of Wuhan.

Strengthening trust and coordination between the central and provincial governments was also a key factor in Wuhan’s successful model. In most countries of the world, including Pakistan, as we are witnessing a similar situation, where the central and provincial governments may not appear on the “one page” in many respects.

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The central role of the Chinese central government in the fight against the epidemic has been closely linked to consultation and policy-making, and the provincial governments have been given full confidence in their capabilities by providing them with manpower, financial, technical, and all other resources.

In contrast, if we take the example of the United States, the governor of New York has been seen complaining about the inadequate measures of the central government and the lack of medical equipment and there was a tendency to blame each other, which led to open differences.

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In China, Wuhan and Hubei Province were under lockdown, but the central government ensured the provision of all resources. Wuhan and Hubei were given priority in the presence of more than 42,000 medical personnel from across China, the continuous supply of relief equipment from other parts of the country, and the supply of other medical equipment, including more than 16,000 ventilators.

The system of immediate accountability is also an example to the world, as, at the beginning of the epidemic, when the central government of China realized the poor performance of officials in Hubei and Wuhan provinces, they were immediately fired and the appointment of suitable personalities was carried out who turned the tide in days and put the victory in the footsteps of the central government.

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Although the restoration of normal life in Wuhan has given the world hope in the fight against the coronavirus, the journey to a decisive victory on a global scale is still difficult. The source of the virus, the causes of transmission, the mortality rate, the vaccine development, these are all factors that still need to be worked on.

The Coronavirus may change the world’s future priorities because the virus has also sent a message to the world that it is not limited to any one individual, country, race, group, or geography. Therefore, the world should adopt a common approach and play a constructive role in the protection of humanity, keeping mutual conflicts at bay, so that there is no need to lock down any city again in the future.

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The World Needs to Learn From Pakistan’s Efforts to Deal with Corona, President UN General Assembly



UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir has said that the world needs to learn from Pakistan’s efforts to deal with Corona. During a press conference with UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the meeting with Volkan Bozkir was pleasant. On this occasion, we briefed him on measures to deal with Corona, Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to Afghanistan, and human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

Volkan Bozkir said that he is happy to come to Pakistan, Pakistan hosted him in the best possible way. Pakistan is an important member of the UN General Assembly and Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to the region is commendable.

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He discussed important issues with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and also met Prime Minister Imran Khan today. Prime Minister Imran Khan briefed about the situation in Occupied Kashmir and he was impressed by the views of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Tackling the coronavirus is a challenge for countries around the world. Pakistan has fought this global epidemic in the best possible way. The world needs to learn from Pakistan’s efforts to deal with corona,” Bozkir said.

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Imran Khan’s Victory over Profiteers – Billions of Rupees are Lost by the Mafia



Journalist Imran Riaz said that there are some people in Pakistan who are forced to live below the poverty line but there are also some people who belong to wealthy families but they are the ones who are abusing Prime Minister Imran Khan from a long time. They are using abusive language for Prime Minister Imran Khan only because they are used to make money in Pakistan through illegal means, and for these people, Prime Minister Imran Khan has proven to be unlucky.

“I was very happy to see when a man who is causing damage to Pakistan gets ruined,” he said. In the last few days, many people have been ruined who wanted to earn profit through illegal means. For example, N95 mask which is said to be a very good mask against COVID-19, was suddenly perished from the market by profiteers in Pakistan and the same mask was sold in black to make huge profits, even though its price had reached Rs 2,000, but now the same mask is available in the market for only Rs 150.

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He said that as the cases of Coronavirus increased in Pakistan, the price of hand sanitizers increased and it was sold in the black market for high prices. Profiteering mafia stockpiles massive hand sanitizers to make a profit in the future, but due to the decrease in the Corona cases, there are no buyers to buy it now. The profiteering mafia is facing severe losses at the moment.

“I am very happy with the news that contrary to the estimates of international organizations, the spread of the coronavirus in Pakistan has stopped, which is a piece of bad news for illegal profiteers because they purchased Corona related goods worth billions. The medicines are now available in the market at low rates, thanks to some necessary steps taken by the government. The availability of medicines in the market is good news for the poor but devastating news for the profiteers,” he said.

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Govt has Decided to Ease the Lockdown Conditions in these Sectors



The federal government further eased the lockdown and announced the gradual opening of businesses including restaurants, entertainment venues, and wedding halls.

A meeting of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Development and Planning Asad Umar to consider the situation of Corona epidemic in the country.

Later, in a media briefing, Asad Omar said that the Corona epidemic in the country has decreased and the situation has improved considerably. The decision to reopen the educational institutions on September 15 was upheld at the NCOC meeting. At the same time, the government has decided to soften the lockdown and open more departments.

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Asad Omar said that from August 8 (Saturday) tourist places and hotels, while from Monday, August 10, public parks, entertainment venues, expo halls, beauty parlors, shrines, religious places, cinemas, theaters, gyms, clubs, Hotels, cafes, and restaurants will be opened where dining in will be allowed.

Asad Umar further said that road transport, railways, airlines are also being restored as per normal, all restrictions on them are being lifted. However, standing in metro services and buses will not be allowed while traveling, while it has been decided to allow dual passengers on motorbikes.

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The Federal Minister said that the working hours of the markets are also being restored as per normal and all the markets are being allowed to open according to the old system, punctuality and weekend restrictions are being abolished for them.

Asad Omar said that sports in which there is no physical contact will also be allowed from August 10. Kabaddi, wrestling, rugby are still banned but other sports are now allowed, but spectators will not be allowed.

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