تاریخMay 29, 2020

Why the “Western Lobby” is Afraid of Turkish Drama Ertugrul and wants to Ban this Drama in Pakistan?

Khalid Talat

On the instructions of Imran Khan, Pakistan Television (PTV) dubbed the Turkish drama “Ertugrul” in Urdu and started airing from the 1st of Ramadan. The whole story of Ertugrul is based on the true events of a great leader who established the Ottoman Empire. It shows the unity of Muslims and how they conquered and defeated Crusaders of that time. The drama is being staged so beautifully that it reminded Muslims of their golden past, which has been clouded by the west through their movies, seasons, media, etc. The west used their propaganda techniques to brainwash the young Muslim generation and make them forget about their real heroes of Islam.

The drama series Ertugrul was originally released in the Turkish language in 2014 but within a short period, it reached the height of fame, and until now more than 150 countries dubbed and broadcasted this drama in their native languages. This has devastated the western and Jews lobby as they have spent billions of dollars in creating a false reality and inculcating obscenity and nudity, through their media, in Muslim society, to make Muslims divert from their true path. All the plans of the Evil lobby are shattering as Muslims started revisiting their lost history. A 70 years old Hollywood film industry has beaten by a single Turkish series. A Newyork Times article named the Ertugrul drama as a silent Atom-bomb, as it demonstrated real-life Muslim heroes and their history. This drama reveals how can a true Muslim tackle and uncover the conspiracies of its rival while following the path of righteousness and honesty. This drama is a manifestation of Muslim unity, under the patronage of the Ottoman empire.

To understand the reasons behind the fear in the western lobby, we have to first briefly analyze the main character “Ertugrul Ghazi”, who was the leader and the first man to establish the Ottoman Caliphate. The Ottoman empire was spread over three continents and was considered as one of the most strong empires of the world. The Ottoman Empire was blessed with many honest and competent rulers, who added to the glory of the empire, and they continuously rooted out Mongols and Crusaders from their lands. These great leaders taught us how to unite Muslims, and how to win wars, not only with swords but through wisdom. Superpowers of that time mostly wage wars for the loot or occupation of the land, but they had lacked the system to run state affairs. The Ottoman Empire revived the Islamic governance system and implemented it in their land. The system was full of equality and justice for society.

The Ertugrul season has gained popularity in the Muslim world. Many Muslim Monarchs are also afraid of this series as it can unite the Muslims against their oppression. Like the ruler of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bin Sulman spent $40 million on a TV series “Kingdom of Fire”, in which they presented Turks as cowards. But this drama series has flopped badly, as it seems more like a fiction story.

India, like many western countries, has come out openly against this drama by banning its artists to take part in the dubbing of Ertugrul. Indian government fears that the popularization of Ertugrul will increase the momentum of the freedom movement in Kashmir.

The crux of the whole series is the idea of Muslim unity. A small group of people, armed with the power of faith, ruled for 600 years in three continents. It teaches us that nothing can get in our way if we are determined to achieve our goals. Those who fight for truth and justice are never disappointed with the results. Muslims cannot prosper unless they forget their differences and come together under one flag, and this is the main reason why the west is afraid of this drama.

Western lobby trying their level best to propagate against Ertugrul even tried to persuade various countries and organizations not to broadcast this drama in their states, but all of their efforts went in vain.

Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power in the world. The Jewish lobby is trying its level best to inculcate obscenity and nudity in our country through their paid agents to indulge the young generation in evil deeds. Thanks to the recent government of Imran Khan, who has taken the task to guide the youth into the righteous path. Imran Khan wants to convert our society into more virtuous and Islamic by taking all the necessary measures. Pakistan is the only country in the world that can be a direct threat to the establishment of the Jewish empire, which is why they are using their agents to propagate against Ertugrul but with the grace of God, they will never win.

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