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Why the Opposition have objections on “Ertugrul”, When no one had issues with Indian Movies and Dramas – Faisal Javed




Senator Faisal Javed replied to the objections on Turkish drama Ertugrul by the opposition. According to the news, while addressing Senate, Senator Faisal Javed said that the criticism on Ertugrul by the opposition and others is beyond comprehension. For many years Indian movies and drama have been aired in Pakistan, but no one objected, and suddenly everyone is afraid of the Ertugrul series.

Speaking in Senate, Senator Faisal Javed stated that the televised content always teaches something new to the viewers. PTV dramas taught us about our religion, traditions, culture, but gradually, however, it was replaced by Indian movies, songs, and serials. As a result, our generation has drifted away from its culture and religious teachings, and the consequences of which we are experiencing today.

Senator Faisal Javed further said that the real purpose of showing this drama to our youth is to teach them true Islamic spirit, culture, beliefs, etc. He said that unfortunately, the trend of reading books is disappearing and replaced by television. Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to broadcast this drama to make the Pakistani nation aware of their true Islamic heroes.

Watch the whole speech of Faisal Javed:

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