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Who is Responsible for the Moral Degradation of our Society?



It has become a tradition in our society that people consider themselves innocent of all morals by calling the government bad, which should not be the case at all.

Everyone from our federal ministers to the wheelbarrows have become immoral. Everyone has their own concerns, and they don’t hesitate on doing the greatest harm to others for their own benefit.

There are a large number of profiteers in all sections of the people. In a society where everyone is selfish, deceptive, how can good rulers be expected? Rulers are good when the people are good because the rulers come from the people.

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The chief of the ten thieves will surely be the one who is the greatest thief. A good man can’t become the leader of thieves. In societies where the rulers are just, and stay away from corruption, the people also adopt the same attitude.

Our practice is that in every case, by blaming the government, we are acquitted as if we do not need any kind of morality. There are a large number of people in the public who do not shy away from taking advantage of the opportunity of immense corruption.

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If the rulers get more opportunities or they have more access, then they are more corrupt. But if we look at our collars then we will know that we do the same thing when we get the opportunity. We just get a little less opportunity and we have access to small things. So, we put every sin on the heads of the rulers by considering ourselves pure.

When petrol became expensive in the country, people criticized the government so badly that the government was filling its coffers. But when the same government reduced the price of petrol, petrol disappeared. Is the government also responsible for the disappearance of petrol?

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The government is trying to make petrol available to the people but the companies and even the petrol pumps are not giving petrol. The government had even formed a committee to investigate the shortage of petrol, which submitted a report. The report said that nine Petroleum companies had “deliberately” created a crisis and had cut off supplies since June 1 despite the availability of petrol. The report also said that private companies have built illegal infrastructures for storing petrol, which could lead to accidents due to non-compliance with safety standards. Now, God willing, if an accident happens, then the people will hold the government responsible. How far should the government monitor the people?

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Well, the government is responsible for many things, but people also have some responsibilities. It cannot be the case that the people leave everything to the government and absolve themselves of all responsibility.

A few days ago, someone had posted on social media that “the government’s decision to reduce gas prices has spread panic among the people.” This post also reflects our social ethics that when the price of gas goes down, the gas will also disappear.

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It is the people who keep others in trouble in the cycle of profiteering. Didn’t traders take advantage of the lockdown and sell goods at exorbitant prices? When masks were needed because of the coronavirus, they began to be sold at higher prices, medicine prices rose, and sanitizers became more expensive. Did all this happen at the behest of the government or did the people themselves try to take advantage of the opportunity? Everyone here is a tyrant. Why complain to governments?

Our education system is also responsible for the lack of ethics. We educate our children but we do not teach them. Children just try to get marks in exams by memorizing, besides they don’t know what they are studying.

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We must have an ethics subject in our educational institutions. There is a subject of Islamic studies that teaches a little bit of ethics but it is very inadequate. Because on the one hand, the book of Islamic studies is very small, which cannot cover many subjects, even the children and teachers do not pay much attention to it as it is a simple book.

More attention is paid to other subjects so that maximum marks can be obtained in the examinations. Therefore, having a regular subject in the name of ethics should be taught and students should also be given practical practice.

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Everyone needs to be held accountable for the correctness of a society. It is easy to criticize others, but it is difficult to find fault with oneself. So let everyone think of their own reform. When the overwhelming majority of society is corrected, the rulers will be corrected automatically.

When every individual thinks of his own reform, then there will be no need to speak ill of any ruler and the society will become the cradle of peace and tranquility.

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Father Sold his Daughter To Buy A Smartphone and Motorcycle



We often fall in with stories on social media and news channels highlighting the brutal face of the mentally sick people of the society.

Although, the crime rate has been declined amidst the coronavirus pandemic but a few people are out there to show their bestiality to the world by committing heinous conduct.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), an average of 80 murders, 289 abductions, and 91 rapes were reported across the country in 2018 in India on a daily basis.

A new heart-wrenching incident took place in the Chikkaballhar district of India. An inexorable father sold his daughter, who was only three years old, to buy a smartphone and motorcycle.

He sold his daughter to a childless couple for INR 100,000. And he bought a smartphone for INR 15,000 and a motorcycle for INR 50,000 with the money he got.

The parents had tried to sell the baby to a family in Bengaluru when she was born, but their plan failed as the hospital authority meddled. After this, another person got the wind of the situation and made a deal with them on the behest of a childless couple in another village.

After the man used all the money, his neighbor grew skeptical, and they found out that his daughter had not been at home. They informed the police who inquired some villagers including the mother of the baby. The child welfare committee found the girl and a case has been filed against the couple.

The father took to his heel but the mother was incarcerated. The authority interrogated her and she brought to the light that her husband had intimidated her that’s why she allowed selling her daughter.

What could be the rhyme and reason that goaded the parents to sell their own blood? Either they are mentally sick or the financial problems made them sell their three years old baby.

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What can be the Possible Solution to Karachi’s Conundrum?



As we all are apprised of the rack and ruin brought about by the inclement monsoon season in the metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi. The people of Karachi have been compelled to face severe losses in the wake of rain floods engulfed approximately the whole city. Despite severe losses due to the rain that has inflicted upon the people, one positive development has been witnessed as the masses are incensed with the management and administration of Karachi and the sense of raising their voices this time for the amelioration of the shambolic city is developed. Who is held responsible for the administrative fiasco in Karachi?

The city has not seen major development at the hands of ruling parties instead of the Musharraf era in which, under the watch of Mayor Karachi Mustafa Kamal, the city was leading ahead in the whole South Asian region in terms of development and progressive work. It is not wrong to say that the development Lahore has witnessed in 2013-2014, Karachi was enjoying in 2005, as ill-luck would have it, no further up-gradation in the city has seen till to date. Unfortunately, due to incompetence and politics, the financial hub of Pakistan and one of the largest cities in the world are enjoying the serendipity of trash. Due to power politics between PPP and MQM, the city is lagging in development and the masses are enduring a very difficult situation.

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Much to the sufferings of people, Karachi deserves a comprehensive and practicable solution to all the problems faced by the people. So, they can finally take a sigh of relief.

The concept of ‘Karachi a separate province’, as it is surfacing on social media and the minds of people, is utterly non-viable because it clashes the vested interest of the political parties and the administrative problems solely lie with the people not with the parties, and they will never allow laying their hands off of the hen who lay golden eggs as the slogan ‘Marso Marso Sindh Na Deso’ will start airing.

Although, if Karachi is made a separate administrative unit, to much extent, the management problems can be eradicated. But again the problem is the same.

The most viable and workable solution for the administrative fiasco in Karachi as well as for all the metropolitan cities is to develop ‘Local Body Structure’ as it is already established in major big cities of the world. For instance, London has its local body structure spearheading by mayor Sadiq khan who is responsible for all the issues occurring in the city, including sewage problems, transport, sanitation, policymaking, public safety, and water supply management.

We are still bound to the inherited ancient structure from the British and they moved to the new one local body structure in which the mayor is directly elected by the people and bestowed by a full-fledged authority to run the city’s affairs properly.

On the other hand in Pakistan, commissioners and deputy commissioners control all affairs of the city. At the time of crisis, people are blowing hot and cold to whom they go for their complaints, either go to chief ministries, the federal government, or powerless mayors. The masses should be directed to one person responsible for the city’s administration. Unfortunately, in Pakistan MNA’s are doing the work of pavement of streets and the concrete meant of roads which is highly contrary to their work as they are responsible for making laws in the national assembly.

The local body system set up in 2013 was hamstrung and completely failed as the powers were not devolved to the lower level of the institutions. We often saw the mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar crying for funds and imploring to the provincial government for funds to take the tasks to completion in the city. After the 18th amendment, the power and authority were given to provinces but the devolution of power to grass root level is not assured.

Karachi is plunged in a quagmire of different power holders like the Army handling some institutions, MNA’s of the ruling party, and the mayor of Karachi. As I aforementioned, who is held responsible for the failure, and people should know whose neck they are going to hold in time of crisis.

It is the need of the hour to make different administrative units to run this country efficiently and effectively as the administration becomes plain sailing. Our neighbor country India has nearly 36 administrative units, America has approximately 50 states and our brother country turkey has 81 provinces. So, by seeing these example its desideratum becomes quite evident.

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Social Issues

Why the ‘Second Marriage’ has become a Necessity in our Society? (Facts & Figures)



It is a bitter truth that our society does not accept the second marriage, which has three major disadvantages.

1. The number of unmarried girls in our country is increasing day by day.

According to a UNICEF report, more than 10 million girls (20 to 25 years) of marriageable age are waiting to get married in Pakistan. About one million of them have reached the age of marriage. It is noteworthy that 75% of the girls waiting for marriage are educated.

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2. The number of widows in the beloved homeland is increasing with the passage of time.

There are about 6 million single widows between the ages of 30 and 45. This means that these are widows whose second marriage is possible, but for whom there is no strong governmental and non-governmental system in the country to provide for them.

3. The rate of divorced girls/women is gradually increasing.

The divorce rate in the beloved homeland is also on the rise. According to an estimation, the divorce rate in the homeland was 13% in 1970, which has now risen to more than 35%. Some believe that one of the reasons for the increase in divorce is the Family Courts Act 2015. Under section 6, the process of khula has been made easier. Compared to the past, 2018 saw a significant increase in the divorce rate. In 2018, 15,800 khula claims were filed in the Family Courts of Lahore alone.

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The above situation demands that we correct ourselves before it is too late. Otherwise, our defeated family system will collapse. In order to correct this devastating situation, we need to promote the second marriage in our society. Married girls should be generous while feeling the pain of girls like them. The one who comes should also show moderation, be an ideal companion so that others may also be encouraged and a good tradition may be promoted.

Relationships should be made easier by eliminating or minimizing the demands of the relationship. Relationships should be established in a timely manner, and delays due to education and other unnecessary reasons should be avoided.

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The curse of dowry should be eradicated in the beloved homeland. In this regard, both the government and the people have a role to play. We must educate the youth that both dowry takers and givers are corrupting society. Those individuals/families who are promoting the dowry tradition should be socially excluded.

If you are a boy, try to feel the pain that arises in the hearts of the parents of unmarried, aging girls. In order to reduce the divorce rate in our society, parents must educate their sons to become good husbands. And mothers should train their daughters so that they can become a good wife/daughter-in-law/mother-in-law.

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