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A Watchman from KPK Completed his M.Phil Degree



Noor Marjan from Khyber District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is posted as a watchman at the University of Agriculture, Peshawar, continued his education with the job and obtained an M.Phil degree.

Noor Marjan did his M.Phil in Islamic Studies and the subject of his dissertation was a comparative study of the customs of the tribal districts with the customs of the Hindus and Sikhs. Noor Marjan said that he was recruited as a watchman on a matriculation basis, but he continued his education along with his job.

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He said that he also carried out the responsibilities of the superintendent for four years in the examination. He also worked as a clerk in the university hostel, and while on guard duty, Noor Marjan also completed B.Ed and M.Ed.

Noor Marjan was a watchman after matriculation and has been working for 20 years. But the purpose for which he got higher education, has not come true yet. Noor Marjan has requested that he should be given the duty according to his degree.

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16-years-old Juice Seller From Multan Topped in Matric



It is said that if a person has the dedication and courage to do something, he can make the impossible possible. A similar example has been set by a brave boy from Multan, who has set an example by working as well as topped in the exams.

Huzaifa, a 16-year-old from Multan, has set an example for all young people, setting an example in the field of education by scoring 1,050 out of 1,100 in her matriculation exams last year.

Huzaifa told his story to a news agency correspondent that “after my father’s death, I started working alone to support my family. While I also had a passion for reading, I did not give up my passion and with full dedication, I worked hard day and night to run the house.

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“I want to be a doctor, but lack of resources is hindering my dream, but if someone helps me, I can fulfill that dream,” Huzaifa said.

On the other hand, the CEO of Education has assured to bear the cost of education of 16-year-old Huzaifa considering his hard work, enthusiasm, and ability.

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Passionate Pakistan

10 Years old Pakistani Boy Won The Guinness world record



10 years old young Pakistani boy won the most prestigious award. It is the proudest moment for Pakistanis. Another victory of Pakistan came around for us. It’s the positive face of Pakistan.

Young child’s name is Nadub Gil who is a British Pakistani. He won the Guinness World Record in Mathematics. Although Mathematics is a hard and tough subject but this small child won the award through his intelligence and dedication. He won the prize of ‘The Fastest Time Tabler’. This shows his proficiency in mathematics and he is quite amazing in memorizing even though it’s the hardest subject for everyone. Winning a worldly known prize is inspiring for the others. It’s such a noble award and it will bring motivation for the youth of our county. Pakistan has a lot of talent and from time to time it bring pride to the nation. The Creator has given our country the most amazing, superb potential and talented youth.

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After winning the Guinness World Record, this British Pakistani child showed a more positive attitude and determined to do more in the future in the name of Pakistan. He said that he wants to work more Exceptionally. He also gives tribute to his teachers, parents, and all those who supported him.

In an interview with a local news channel, he said that he has to answer one hundred and sixty questions of multiplication time tables. By successfully doing that he got this achievement. It’s the biggest achievement for him.

He said,

“I wish to grow up as an astrologist. So, I can study astronomy and discover different celestial bodies. I think with hard work; concentration and a lot of determinations, almost everything is possible. Therefore, my message to the world is that if one works to accomplish their goals passionately nothing is difficult.”

His mother said that,

This victory of my son is something I am incredibly fascinated and proud of. It is my dream come true to see my children shine and succeed in life. I feel like I am lucky and gifted to have a son as talented as Nadub Gil.”

It is a motivational lesson for all our Pakistani youngsters. We can see that Hard work always pays off. These types of children are the pride of Pakistan. It’s the most fascinating feeling to see Pakistani children achieving tremendously.

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This unique village in Pakistan Generates its own Electric Power, not relying on Executive Supply.



Pakistan is facing major electricity and it is one of the most highlighted subjects for decades. In this time of crisis when things are getting out of hand, we have to be our superpower. Everyone needs to perform their role while considering the situation going on. Our country is at the mercy of Allah and its youth only.

The rates of the electric unit are increasing each day and not all of us can pay the bills. On the other hand, not enough resources are available for our country to generate more electricity due to the dearth of dams.

But as Iqbal said,

~ Afraad kay hathon mein hai awaam ki taqdeer
Har fard hai millat kay muqaddar ka sitara ~

Following the saying of Allama Iqbal, we have an example of a Village from Northern Pakistan, who is generating its own electricity. Ahmedabad village within the inaccessible Hunza valley of northern Pakistan creates its power from the micro-hydro power plant by utilizing the UN funds.

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The micropower plant was built in 2008 by Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) with the affiliation from UN Funds. While the country is facing a major load shedding dilemma, the community of Ahmedabad can light their house 24/7. The Dam produces around 190 kilowatts of power an hour, which is sufficient to supply control to approximately 144 homes in Ahmedabad and about 110 within the adjacent towns of Sultanabad and Faizabad. This innovation and productive step have played many roles in their life. A while back, they were forced to abandon their daily task after sunset due to the unavailability of power. But now they can work and run their business 24/7 without being worried.

The Hydro Power Plant has brought several benefits to the town: diminished deforestation and emanations from reduced utilize of petrol fills and an enhancement in biodiversity. Individuals moreover say night time brightening in homes has permitted children to think about longer perspectives; families in this portion of Pakistan see instruction as the most excellent speculation for the long-term. Ladies appreciate time went through on family chores and have been liberated up by electric gadgets such as washing machines.

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No doubt, electricity is the basic necessity of life now. No one can imagine living without it. All of our daily life tasks are associated with it. Besides conforming to the basic necessity, the power plant has also moderated deforestation. Cutting avalanche dangers and utilizing normally running water the plant is ecological. The power plant has also slowed down and has progressed the characteristic natural adjust as more trees are cleared outstanding to hold the soil and contributing greatly to the worldwide community.

Pakistan is taking initial steps for the betterment of its youth and the future of Pakistan. But it is only possible through conjoined hard work and effort.

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