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Violence Against Child Labor: Needs Effective Legislation



After the recent incident of violence and murder of an 8-year-old housemaid in Rawalpindi, a storm has broken out in the country once again. It feels like this time the girl’s parents will get justice and the killers of this innocent will reach their tragic end. But this is not the first time such an incident has taken place. Hundreds of such tragic incidents have taken place in our society but like every other incident, two or four days later, this incident has also been forgotten, and now the whole nation is waiting for a new tragedy.

It has become a fashion in our country that the riches in the villages persuade the poor people to send their children to the cities for a small amount of money and then put their young children to work in their homes. They take care of their children, bring goods for them from the market, and do the house cleaning. What do they get in return? Often such children get some leftover food from the family, they are given a separate bed from the family to sleep on. From above, reprimands and beatings become their destiny, which they endure in the morning and evening.

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They live miles away from their homes, deprived of the love and affection of parents. They don’t even know what certain rights they have, they can’t even think about raising voices against the abuses. They have no access to the media and no way to a police station, they do not know the way to their home. Therefore, they continue to endure oppression and violence as a picture of helplessness.

There are thousands of children whose voices do not reach the media and their cases are not reported. The cases are mostly reports of those who have been subjected to a lot of violence. Children have been seriously injured or killed. Besides, everyday cases of petty violence cannot go beyond the confines of the home.

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These incidents of violence often involve high-ranking officials or wealthy individuals. A few years ago, a judge’s wife severely beat her maid. How could the law touch them when they are the guardians of the law? Similarly, the daughter of a member of the Punjab Assembly had tortured her 16-year-old employee and the situation, in this case, was not much different from the previous case. In all such cases, influential people are involved who use their influence to get away with it. Thus no criminal can be punished and this series of oppression of innocent children continues.

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It is a crime in which the parents of these children are equally complicit. Even if they do it because of their extreme compulsion, that the children are more and the income is very low. Now how to feed the children? So they think that sending a child to a rich man’s house will solve the child’s problem of eating and drinking and will also provide something to support the rest of the children. Thus, the compulsion of these people pushes their children at a young age into a hell where no one listens to their cries.

The riches’ children grow up in such bliss that if they are reprimanded or even touched by the teachers, they will face the consequences. But these people do not think poor children as children. They are not even ready to acknowledge them as humans. These children are forced to live like slaves. They do not even have basic human rights.

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Despite hundreds of incidents of violence against children, no effective legislation has been enacted in our country. Some time ago, child labor was banned, but no law could be enacted under which those who enslaved children and abused them could be punished. Therefore, the authorities should think seriously about this issue and immediately make an effective law and punish the perpetrators so that such incidents can be prevented in the future.

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