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Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim Died of Coronavirus – Indian Media



Dawood Ibrahim dies of coronavirus claims indian media

Did the Dawood Ibrahim fall victim to the coronavirus?

Indian media has claimed the death of Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi due to the coronavirus. India has not been able to catch the world-famous underworld don. To hide its shame, it keeps claiming the death of the crime boss. And this has not the first time it happened. India has claimed the death of Dawood Ibrahim many times.

The Indian media now claims that Dawood Ibrahim lost his life in Karachi, Pakistan due to Coronavirus. At the same time, the Indian media, while verifying its false news, says that the news of Dawood’s death could not be confirmed yet. The Indian media has been spreading propaganda against Pakistan and has once again started the propaganda using the underworld don’s name.

Indian media claimed that Dawood and his wife fell victim to the deadly disease and both of them have been admitted to a hospital in Karachi. On the other hand, according to the same Indian media, Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Anis denied these claims. He said that Dawood and his family are healthy.

The Indian media slammed Pakistan saying that Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan and in this regard India has given evidence to Pakistan many times but Pakistan is not ready to accept it.

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India’s ‘biggest enemy’.

Indian media believes that Dawood Ibrahim is India’s biggest enemy, and he is the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai bombings and the Don of the Underworld. According to Indian media, the whole world knows about the Underworld Don, but very few people know about his family. Because he always kept the family out of the public eye. Dawood’s wife’s name is Mahjabin aka Zubina Zarrin. He has four children, three daughters, Mahrukh, Mahin and Maria, and one son, Moin.

It should be noted that India has been trying to track down Dawood Ibrahim for the last several years. However, his influence in Mumbai has not diminished to date.

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