Travellers are claiming that Travelling is healing and its so True.



Travelling is Healing and we all need to be healed isn’t it? Ever since I’ve started travelling I’ve had a clear meaning to my life and every time I travel I see things differently.I observe, I experience & I learn. People think travelling is about spending a lot of money on goodies, VIP travelling etc and having lots of courage to go far away from home. But that’s not true. For me travelling is the cheapest yet most memorable adventure you could opt for. Travelling is not about spending a lot of money and having a fear. Most importantly travelling connects you with God or shall I say your own Soul where he resides? It clearly opens ones eyes. Travelling teaches you how to manage your time your money and it makes you fearless. Well I’m a Travel Vlogger  & I believe every person either a student or a working man needs a break from there daily routine. So I’m here to motivate each one of you who sit at homes procrastinate for hours or just stay on Netflix and phones. Life is too short to not go out & explore what God has created for us.

5 Reasons I discovered that justifies that Travelling Heals:

  • Travel forces you to be present
  • Travel Shifts your Mood
  • Places have Souls that soothes and Transforms us
  • Having Alone Time forces you to look within and face your fears
  • Travel Cultivates Gratitude

 We got to talk with Afifa Bilal who has been travelling around in Pakistan for quite a time and she said:

‘Travelling is healing is what you’ll always hear from most of the wanderers/travellers but there’s more to it.  But what basically one mean by healing? Travelling to Such beautiful places, witnessing the astonishing creations of Allah SWT takes you closer to Your Rabb. A wounded heart only finds his way to back when his will to get well is shattered and now begs the Healer to mend his torn fragile heart. Places speaks stories, be a listener.
This calming serene place  locally called Angoori is located near Murree, Ghulera Gali.
Feeling down? Need a break from the monotonous routine? Grab your keys and now you know where you need to be. Find yourself in the woods’


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