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Travellers are claiming that Travelling is healing and its so True.



Travelling is Healing and we all need to be healed isn’t it? Ever since I’ve started travelling I’ve had a clear meaning to my life and every time I travel I see things differently.I observe, I experience & I learn. People think travelling is about spending a lot of money on goodies, VIP travelling etc and having lots of courage to go far away from home. But that’s not true. For me travelling is the cheapest yet most memorable adventure you could opt for. Travelling is not about spending a lot of money and having a fear. Most importantly travelling connects you with God or shall I say your own Soul where he resides? It clearly opens ones eyes. Travelling teaches you how to manage your time your money and it makes you fearless. Well I’m a Travel Vlogger  & I believe every person either a student or a working man needs a break from there daily routine. So I’m here to motivate each one of you who sit at homes procrastinate for hours or just stay on Netflix and phones. Life is too short to not go out & explore what God has created for us.

5 Reasons I discovered that justifies that Travelling Heals:

  • Travel forces you to be present
  • Travel Shifts your Mood
  • Places have Souls that soothes and Transforms us
  • Having Alone Time forces you to look within and face your fears
  • Travel Cultivates Gratitude

 We got to talk with Afifa Bilal who has been travelling around in Pakistan for quite a time and she said:

‘Travelling is healing is what you’ll always hear from most of the wanderers/travellers but there’s more to it.  But what basically one mean by healing? Travelling to Such beautiful places, witnessing the astonishing creations of Allah SWT takes you closer to Your Rabb. A wounded heart only finds his way to back when his will to get well is shattered and now begs the Healer to mend his torn fragile heart. Places speaks stories, be a listener.
This calming serene place  locally called Angoori is located near Murree, Ghulera Gali.
Feeling down? Need a break from the monotonous routine? Grab your keys and now you know where you need to be. Find yourself in the woods’


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PIA made the Alcohol Test Mandatory for the Cabin Crew



According to the new advisory issued by the PIA Medical Division, the respiratory examination has been made mandatory for cabin crew. Cabin crew deployed on all domestic and international flights will have to undergo a respiratory examination before boarding.

The PIA has made it mandatory for the whole crew to have an alcohol dope test before the flight. The purpose of the test is to prevent the use of alcohol and drugs in the crew.

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The cabin crew’s breath will be examined in the briefing rooms by the airline’s flight surgeons and medical officers themselves. The new advisory issued for the cabin crew of the PIA Medical Division will come into force immediately.

It may be recalled that earlier the Civil Aviation Authority was conducting tests of pilots and cockpit crew, now the IIA has made it mandatory to test its air hostess before all flights.

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3 Beautiful Places In Pakistan That You Must Visit Before You Die.



Shangrila Hotel Skardu
We are gonna talk about one of the most underrated beautiful country, Pakistan. If you don’t believe me?  I’ll prove.
So, You heard about Switzerland, Sweden, pairs, Iceland and many more. But what about Pakistan?  Being known only for so-called “terrorism”?

There is a beautiful side of Pakistan. I’m not comparing, but after reading this maybe you will ask yourself… why not Pakistan?  Now many of our Pakistani witnessed and heard about popular tourist spots like the lake Saif-ul-malook, Naran kaghan, Murree, Daraye Neelum and many. But… wait. Have you ever heard about The Great ratti lake?  Naa.

So let me start the countdown with this wonder.

Ratti Galli Lake.

See Pakistan Tours Neelum Ratti Gali Lake

The Ratti Gali Lake is a glacial lake which is located in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan The lake got its name from the dark red flowers that are spread over the mountains. The red flowers enchant its beauty, especially the view of the surface when it shimmers under the late afternoon sun. Ratti Galli lake is a true wonder of nature as it is surrounded by the green pasture covered mountains and fed by the water from the surrounding glaciers. The flora and fauna found at the Ratti Gali Lake are renowned throughout the world for their unsurpassed beauty. To reach the lake, you have to take an awesome as well as a bit dangerous jeep ride of 2 hours.

Next on our list is Skardu


Shangrila Hotel Skardu

Skardu is a city that has so many beautiful sights all in one. Starting from the cold desert of Skardu. It is one of the world’s highest deserts. Its mesmerizing cold nights and magnificent sandy view makes it a majestic place to visit And now the Satpara lake Bright Blue, bursting with rainbow, surrounded by the glacial mountains and carrying enchanted lake in its middle, this lake is the ultimate fairy-tale resort in the beautiful valley of Skardu. There are few other beautiful lakes too, like upper kachura lake and the popular lower kachura lake. Also known as Shangrila lake. It is a breathe taking place in Pakistan. and a popular tourist destination, and has a unique restaurant or coffee shop that is built on the fuselage of aircraft that had crashed nearby in 1950.

Agar yaha janey ka soch bhi rahe… To batata chaloon…

Its route is dangerous as F. I’ve been to Northern Areas of Pakistan with a school trip to fairy meadows. And believe me, it scares the shit out of you and its route is dangerous AF. It is the world’s second most dangerous road, it is called “the Death road”. have a look.


Now the last but not the least, Attabad Lake.

Attabad Lake

Naam to suna hoga?

It was featured in one of our Pakistani movies “Balu mahi”. The amazing underrated soft song “Tu kya janey” shows this beautiful lake but not many people know about it because… the movie… got flopped somehow. The Attabad Lake is a glorious reminder that there can be beauty in tragedy it was created in January 2010 by a landslide dam. It’s not natural. But heaven. you can enjoy a boat ride and look at jaw-dropping snow-topped mountains. The Magnificent blue water and bracing landscapes turning a simple boat ride into a memorable experience. And the good thing about it? It is safer and easier to travel there. You can even reach the site in your own car. Well, that’s all for today. I remember when I was traveling to Naran with my school trip, I got like this idea in my mind that why these places are so underrated?

I should make an Article on it so that not many but few should get aware of this heavenly sites in Pakistan. All I wanted to do is to promote this natural beauty of Pakistan that many of us don’t even know. The government should focus on this too. Promote this for tourism and rebuild the bridges and roads to make the journey safer.


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COVID-19. updates about affected International Airlines flights routes to Pakistan



We still have no reliable news about the current status of International Airlines flying to Pakistan. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority PCAA shared the news regarding, all International passengers and other Charted or Private Aircrafts suspension is extended till 11th of April 2020. However, Pakistan International Airline PIA is flying passengers back to Pakistan on their special flights.


Etihad and Emirates

It is expected that at-least one flight from (Dubai and Doha, UAE) will be flying out every day from 15th of April onwards to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. However, they are not booking the flights tickets at this stage.

Qatar Airways

Currently, Qatar Airways are operating limited fights and their Airports are open for transits however, no visas are offered to any travellers. For instance, Qatar Airways flight QR632 20:15 Doha to 01:45 Islamabad is operating every day from 11th of April, the flight status of 11th April onward flights are showing “on-time” at Qatar Airways official website page. If you want to fly back to Pakistan then you can even book your tickets right now from their official website page.

Pakistan International Airline (PIA)

You can book flights to fly back to Pakistan on PIA website, the one-way ticket is relatively expensive at this COVID-19 times but, there are no other direct flights back to Pakistan available anyway.


My personal advice, I would advise you not to book any air tickets from sky-scanner or any other third party travel-agency. Firstly, try not to travel anywhere nowadays, but, if you really have to get somewhere then please book your flights tickets straight away from the airline webpage.

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