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Tiktok Management Responded After PTA’s Last Warning



The Tiktok management submitted a response to the final notice issued by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to the online video-sharing app Tiktok.

The PTA had two days ago banned the app called Bigo Live and issued a notice to Tiktok to immediately remove the immoral content or else it would also be banned in Pakistan.

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In response to the notice, Tiktok submitted an answer, stating that “compliance with the law is a top priority for the company to provide a positive and safe environment for consumers. Numerous technology services and innovative strategies have been implemented to timely identify and review inappropriate content, while hundreds of videos have been removed and IDs blocked for violating societal values.”

The Tiktok administration added that users have also been provided with controls, analytics, and privacy options so that they can use the platform in a better way.

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More than 98% of inappropriate videos are removed from Toktok after timely identification and complaint. Last year, Tiktok received 3,728,162 video complaints from Pakistan which were not only stopped from being broadcast but were also immediately deleted.

The reply issued by Tiktok also said that the management would soon start practical talks with the concerned authorities in Pakistan to inform them about the company’s policies and to listen to the complaints of the Pakistani authorities and try to remove them.

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