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Tiktok is an Epicenter of Obscenity, Nudity & Cyber-Crime Activities



There was a time when public access in Pakistan was limited to PTV broadcasts and newspapers. With the rise of media freedom and technology, the number of channels has increased. There are some reservations on these channels but after a little noise, PEMRA can be woken up, and also the censorship rules are applied on TV channels.

But the problem does not end there, as people today rely more on digital media than on print and electronic media. The scientific advancement and the growing demand for knowledge have put the mobile phone in every hand. Every user has access to all kinds of content and new applications. In such a situation, the state is a distant thing, even the parents cannot do a thing about this.

Tiktok is among those applications that are rapidly gaining popularity around the globe. This application has ensnared everyone without any distinction. Under the guise of entertainment, this app has become the root of many evils.

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The app is not only spreading obscenity and nudity in our society but also becoming a hotbed of cybercrime with new scandals and leaked videos day by day. Recently, about 10 immoral videos based on sexual content came to light. These leaked contents also include the videos of underage girls.

If we allow these apps to continue like this then why do we feel guilty on the Kasur-like incidents? Due to the timely action of cyber agencies, the sexual content could not be spread on social networking sites but spread rapidly on WhatsApp. Imagine how many lives this so-called “entertainment” app would ruin.

Besides, as a Muslim nation, our eyes are bowed with shame when we see our young generation dancing and singing on camera, and boys disguising as girls. This app destroying our culture by exploiting the raw minds of our new generation. Moreover, making fun of religion just for the sake of views and likes has also become a trend on this app. Young models, actresses, and other popular girls are uploading their videos of dancing which are shameful and full of obscenity and nudity.

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Not only does this app have morally detrimental effects, but according to a report, the obsession of making Tiktok videos also swallowed the lives of more than 10 Pakistani youngsters. Government authorities should wake up from an illusionary dream and immediately take action against those apps that are increasing immoral activities in our culture.

An application in the Lahore High Court regarding the ban on Tiktok proved to be the first drop of rain. PTI member Seemabia Tahir has also submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly.

The federal government, especially Imran Khan, is aware of its responsibilities. That is why, in order to improve the quality of electronic media, a historical drama like Ertugl was aired. This drama will not only create an atmosphere of healthy competition in the media industry but will also lead to the renewal of Islamic traditions.

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But apps like Tiktok must immediately be Banned in Pakistan that is creating disastrous effects on our Islamic culture. Ban on the Pubg game was although a controversial decision by the government. Now there is a dire need from the government to take practical steps, in addition to resolutions and petitions to ban Tiktok.

We all have a responsibility to save our generation from immoral activities, but the heaviest responsibility is on the government at the time.    As a responsible citizen of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we urge the government to take immediate action against this app, which is corrupting our society and contrary to our traditions.

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