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Tiktok Updated its Community Guideline in Urdu for Pakistani Users



The popularity of Tiktok is growing rapidly in Pakistan as well as around the world. In view of its popularity in Pakistan, Tiktok has issued the latest community guidelines in the Urdu language to fulfill its responsibility, which will be helpful for its users in Pakistan.

The Community Guidelines aim to maintain a supportive and functioning environment for users in Pakistan. Pakistan is among the top 5 markets where a large number of Tiktok videos have been removed for violating terms of service or community guidelines. Tiktok teams suspended or closed accounts that were involved in constant violation of its guidelines.

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Tiktok team is consists of trained moderators that help in reviewing and removing content. In some cases, the team also removes content or infringing material such as dangerous challenges or harmful misinformation during the preparation phase.

The Tiktok team uses another method for moderation, in which, they constantly receive reports from its users through a report feature. After analyzing the reported content the moderation team takes the appropriate action.

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