This Pakistani NGO Started Distributing Free Ration To People in UAE While Lockdown



The Convid-19 pandemic has spread all over the world and almost every country has been affected by it. The whole world is currently under lockdown and people have been moved to quarantine. It has also been reported that almost 115,000 are dead due to the Corona outbreak. The economic activities all around the world have been stopped and people are suffering from financial distress.

UAE is also affected by the Convid-19 and the whole country is under lockdown. It is getting hard to find the necessary food as all the stores are either closed or people have no money to buy it.

In this drastic situation, Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD), a Pakistani welfare NGO, has started an initiative in which they are delivering food to the needy people. According to the NGO source, people are having a difficult time as they don’t even have money to buy food once a day.

In the last two weeks, the volunteers of PAD have already distributed the food to more than 1500 families. They are providing ration not only to Pakistanis but also to expatriates of other countries. Daily, they are delivering food to almost 100 families and they are also trying to increase the number.

The ration includes wheat, rice, oil, and other necessary food items which is sufficient for a family of four members for three weeks. At the moment, the NGO is operating in Dubai and Sharjah but in the coming weeks, they will expand to other UAE states as well.

According to the Director of PAD, Rizwan Fancy, the NGO is working day and night to help the people in this tragic time. So far they haven’t launched any social media campaign, however, people are contacting them through Whatsapp and email. He advised that those who have financial difficulty can contact for ration on PAD’s Whatsapp number +971 4 3373 632 or email at or CONTACT@PAD.AE .

The director further stated that all the expenses of the NGO are being donated by the noble wealthy people of the Pakistani community. While dozens of Pakistani volunteers are doing their duty to provide food to the people.

If anyone want to contribute, physically or financially, kindly contact on the above-mentioned number.

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