تاریخMay 26, 2020

The Death of the Universe but How? – Expansion and Contraction phenomena

After our demise, the universe may exist for the next billions of years. In the end, the Sun will wrap the Earth and then ultimately become dead after using its fuel, like many galaxies have died and turned into black bodies. But the question is that what will be the future of the Universe? Either it lives forever or not. If it didn’t exist a long time then how it would die, and what will be its last shape?

Before 90 years ago, there were three possible theories pertaining to it and according to Einstein, the universe will contain permanent radius i.e there is no expansion or contraction in the Universe, but today, researches have proved it wrong because galaxies are spreading and moving away from the earth and other planets. The second theory is that the universe will stretch, and then it’s speed will get slow, and it would shrink to its original point, but, we see that galaxies are still outstretching. There is also a third theory that the universe will continuously enlarge and increasingly expand with the passage of time, and in 2011 three American Scientists were awarded noble prizes on this theory, but how can we support such an argument by logical proofs because there is no evidence for it. In 2011 three Scientists worked on it and got Noble prize after proving that Universe is extending by measuring the distance among galaxies, but how and what was the reference point to measure the distance among them as Doppler effect is used to ascertain the speed of vehicles like truck, bike, and car, etc. But how can we measure the distance among galaxies because the light reaches from galaxies takes billions of years to reach us?

Today, the telescope has so magnified to measure the distance among galaxies. It is said that Super Nova star is used as a reference point to measure it, as it busts with a lot of light. The brightness of supernova is equal to the galaxies, so from it, one can measure the distance among galaxies. Almost one such nova star bust after 300 years. So it is proof that the universe is expanding, but how? It is a gravitational force that is causing the expansion. As stars die after using their fuel, so, every bright star that we see today will have to die eventually.

The same thing will happen to all the galaxies. The Sun will show its maximum light to burn all its fuel and after that, it will cool down and turn into dust, and all the galaxies will also turn to dust after their death, so it is concluded that the Universe will die with a cool death phenomenon. According to Quran, the Sun will come closer to the Earth, and then all its light will turn to dark, and that dark point is actually ‘dark energy’ and it is said that the universe consists of 73% dark energy from where no light passes or emits. According to religion Islam. that will be the endpoint of the Universe.

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