تاریخJune 2, 2020

The Collapse of US Dollar is inevitable – Prepare Yourself For the Future

In the light of the current global situation, the whole world is under the attack of Coronavirus (biological war) and every country, either modern or underdevelop facing corona attack and it is really hard for them to survive and maintain themselves in future as normal, they might establish normality after a long struggle.

The holy Prophet PBUH said, “A time will come in the future that trade will be restored again in gold, silver & other material things”. Top counties like America, Italy, Germany, France, etc, that are modern and equipped with the latest facilities and equipment, thereafter, facing terrible currency crises and it seems like they are also failing in combating the Covid-19.

Depending on the description of “collapse”, the big example of the USA, its ‘dollar’ is going to crash and the USA will be unable to do anything to stop the coming recession, which started knocking our door. China also said that a recession is expected all over the world in the near future, and nobody will know whats’s going on.

Now, it is the best idea in the current situation to convert your cash into gold, because the Bank of America recently announced that in the coming few months the price of the gold will be raised up at the value of US $3000 per oz and if we analyze, the price of gold is already increasing rapidly.

In the light of above-mentioned circumstances, it is the best time to buy the gold, instead, saving money in the shape of cash in your home or bank will result in bankruptcy. Even the Turkey also started to stock gold for its future use, for example, oil market absolutely going demolish all over the world, especially in the USA and have no capacity to stock it and have no other option to clear or sell it because no one is ready to buy it on cash or credit.

The collapse of the US dollar means that everyone will try to sell their dollars, assets, and now, no one wants to buy them. This situation is driving the value of the US dollar down, down and down to near zero. It will create hyperinflation especially in the United States, and all his companions will also face the same consequences. As the prospect of a dollar crash is highly likely, therefore, the collapse of the world economy is inevitable. Foreign exporters such as China and Japan secretly wants the collapse of the US dollar, because China is rising up as a new superpower. There is no doubt that the United States is too important for the world but the recent crisis is shifting the balance of power. The future is now Asia-specific under China and Pakistan, which indigestible at the moment.

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