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The Beginning of The End – Heavy Criticism and Funding against ‘Trump’



The movement against racial discrimination and violence started in the United States, which has now gained momentum, and now the situation has reached such a point that besides the opposition, the people of US President Donald Trump’s party also criticizing him.

Former US Security Advisor Colin Powell, who belongs to the Republican Party, has sharply criticized Trump regarding the protests, saying that Trump is violating the constitution. Colin Powell is no ordinary citizen. He has served as the National Security Advisor and also been the head of the US Army, but he has also joined the ranks of those who have condemned President Trump’s attitude towards the protests. Colin Powell criticized the statement of Trump regarding sending troops to disperse the protests.

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Colin Powell had even said that he would not vote for him in the upcoming presidential election. In an interview with CNN, he said that the president has violated the constitution and is lying, saying things that people do not ask him to answer. Cole Powell called the US president’s statement a threat to American democracy.

“I definitely can’t support Trump,” Powell said for the election later this year. “My social and political views are very close to Biden. I worked with him for 40 years, he is now a presidential candidate, we will vote for him”. Colin Powell, seen as a moderate Republican, did not vote for Trump in the 2016 election. Colin also has the backing of the top US military officials who have criticized Trump, but Trump responded harshly. Trump said that Colin Powell is not as capable as he thinks he is. Trump tweeted that Colin Powell is a tough man, and fully responsible for the wars in the Middle East. Pointing to the 1990-1993 Gulf War and the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

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Trump is being criticized at a time when anti-racism protests are taking place not only in the United States but around the world. Tensions are now easing and security is relaxing. A week-long curfew in New York has been lifted. But criticism on Trump is growing, with former President Obama, former Secretary of Defense and others among the critics.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden also criticized Trump, saying he used his words ruthlessly to incite violence, hatred, and to create alienation among each other. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has advised President Trump to stop tweeting for a while and talk to the American people.

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Demonstrations have begun in France and Germany, and their intensity suggests that they could spread throughout Europe. Michael June has also announced 100 million to support the movement to end racism. He said that he will donate 100 million to anti-apartheid groups, and that money will help fight racism. Further, he said I stand with those who stand against color and racism. He called for an end to violence in the country.

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