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The 5 Ultimate Mood Lifter TikTok Stars of Pakistan



TikTok is an app for entertainment in which users make short videos by syncing their lips with the background music or other sound effects. TikTok is one of the top ranked apps and its number of downloads have exceeded over 500 million. It has taken all the fun lovers by storm in Pakistan and throughout the Globe. The users of TikTok are blooming rapidly, compared to other platforms right now. Pakistan is full of entertaining and talented people. Including kids, youth and even older people are makiing tiktoks and getting a large amount of following which end of the day makes them a Celebrity undoubtedly. The Brands have started collaborating with TikTok stars as well now.

Following are the Ultimate Mood Lifter TikTok Stars in Pakistan:

1: Reeja Jeelani:

Reeja is based in Karachi and is constantly keeping her fans entertained with her dramatic tiktoks that she make. She has inspired many girls around her and has managed to reach a following of 500K+ which is a Lifetime achievement and opens many doors for her in the Industry/Field.

2: Hamna Ayub:

Hamna Ayub is based in Lahore and makes really creative TikToks, she’s a blogger and a Youtuber too and has been inspiring many girls that anything is possible to achieve with that crown aka Hijab on. She really keeps us going. She has a huge fan following and she never fails to giveback to her fans through giveaways and Meet and Greets etc.

3: Shaiza Gillani:

Shaiza Gillani is based in Islamabad and is a Person with a Great personality always entertaining her friends, family and in the same way her followers as well. Her TikToks are very Real and relatable too She never fails to make her viewers smile. We wish to watch personalities  like Shaiza on TV too.

4: Raamish:

Ramish is based in Lahore, and is as entertaining on TikTok as he is in his real life around his friends. He is an Inspiration to many boys and has crossed 100K following on his TikTok account which shows his hardwork and opens many doors for him in the coming future.

5: Laraib Khalid:

Laraib Khalid is based in Karachi, and has crossed a following of 200K. People enjoy his Cute Silly TikToks. He does a Job too and is achieving his passion through TikTok, He inspires the Boys that Passion can always be managed along with your other work. You just have to make time.

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