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Take Everything From Me, Just Bring My Son Back – Corona Victim’s Mother Crying on TV



Dr. Shabnam Tahira, the mother of a young man who lost his life due to the coronavirus, has cried and appealed to the nation to be careful from this deadly pandemic. Speaking on a program, Dr. Shabnam Tahira said that those who say that the coronavirus is a drama or the government is getting money out of it, I tell them to take everything from me, just bring back my son.

She said that people are criticizing that every patient who goes to the hospital is put in the account of Corona. In this crisis, put Corona first in the treatment of patients. My son took the disease lightly, and the treatment of other infections was preferred over the corona that resulted in his death. Every patient should be tested for Covid-19 on the first day, and then start treating the rest of the diseases.

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