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Simpsons Cartoon Predicted the Beirut Blast Years Ago [Watch Clip]



Did the famous American cartoon series Simpsons also predict the Beirut bombing? A clip of the cartoon series has gone viral on social media in which some such scenes can be seen.

Launched in 1989, the cartoon series, which has a total of 31 seasons with more than 650 episodes, is considered a very popular animated comedy series, featuring more than 1.5 million jokes.  But today, the reason for its popularity is not the jokes, but the events that are occurring in the current era.

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One of the hallmarks of this cartoon series is that the events it predicted years ago are occurring in the present era. It presents many fictional events from years ago that are happening today. Coincidences are not uncommon but there are many incidents that are full of surprises.

A Simpsons clip of two days ago blasts off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon, has also gone viral on social media, showing a similar incident.

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This cartoon clip shows Simpsons with an Asian man who may look like a Muslim by his appearance. The man gives Simpsons an explosive device, and when it explodes, the whole city turns into a pile of mud.

The cause of the blast in Beirut has not yet been determined, but preliminary information indicates that the blast was so devastating that more than 70 people were killed and 4,000 were injured. Authorities say a large quantity of flammable material had been stored in a beach warehouse, which exploded.

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Russia Released the video of the “TSAR BOMBA” (King of Bombs) Explosion



Russia has released a video of the world’s most powerful explosion, which was carried out experimentally in October 1961 during the Soviet era. It was actually a hydrogen bomb with an explosive power of 3,300 times that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The bomb, dubbed the “Tsar Bomba” (King of Bombs), was dropped on an island near the North Pole and detonated in the air at an altitude of 4 km above the ground.

With an explosive power of 50 megatons (50 million tons) of TNT, this hydrogen bomb is considered to be the most powerful bomb in human history, designed by the famous Soviet scientist Andrei Sakharov. This is the same Andrei Sakharov who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975 after defecting from the Soviet Union.

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The 40-minute video was uploaded to YouTube by the Russian Atomic Energy Agency a few days ago, in which the countdown to the bombing begins at 22 minutes and 22 seconds:

The blast was so intense and large that it could be seen from a distance of a thousand kilometers, while its heat was felt at a distance of 250 kilometers.

The cloud formed by the explosion of this hydrogen bomb was so high that it reached an altitude of about 700 km, that is, the point where the Earth’s atmosphere ends and space begins.

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We don’t know if there is an even more powerful hydrogen bomb in the world, but we do know that it was the most powerful experimental explosion in human history.

It should be noted that the original and technical name of the hydrogen bomb is “thermonuclear bomb”, the explosion of which emits tremendous energy in the form of light, heat, and shock waves but the emission of radioactive rays is much lower than that of a normal atomic bomb.

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A Rain Unveiled the Poor Construction of the Islamabad Airport



A rain unveiled the reality of the Islamabad airport that was built under the Nawaz Sharif government. The roofs of the Islamabad airport, which cost billions of rupees, started dripping. Marble stones started falling from the roof of the airport.

In a viral video on social media, it can be seen that it is heavily raining and ceiling tiles are falling from the roof, due to which rainwater is also entering the airport.

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On this, social media users also raised questions about Maryam Nawaz’s in-law Chaudhry Munir, who was allegedly given the contract of the airport. Social media users also mocking Ahsan Iqbal by tagging him and asking whether he would give the credit of this poor construction to Nawaz sharif or the incumbent government?

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According to social media users, the airport has become a threat to people’s lives. If the government does not pay attention to the poor construction of this airport, it could lead to a major tragedy in the coming days.

It may be recalled that due to the poor construction of Islamabad Airport under the Nawaz government, various incidents have already come to light but no major accident has taken place.

Various TV channels raised questions about the construction of the airport and according to various journalists and analysts, the contract for the airport was awarded to Maryam Nawaz’s close relative Chaudhry Munir, and the cost of the airport had increased many times but no action was taken against them by NAB and FIA.

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What is Pakistan’s Stance Regarding Recognizing Israel state?



Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached a peace agreement that will not only establish diplomatic relations between the two sides, but Israel has also called for an end to its expansion over a large area of ​​the West Bank.

The announcement was made by US President Donald Trump in a tweet and on the occasion, President Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi said in a joint statement that they are confident that this historic agreement will advance the peace process in the Middle East.

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It should be noted that after the agreement, diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel will be established. US President Donald Trump has played a significant role in this peace agreement. In response, Israel has blocked the implementation of an expansion plan to annex large areas of the West Bank.

According to Al Arabiya News, the United Arab Emirates has confirmed that it will not open its embassy in Israel until an agreement is reached between Palestine and Israel.

On the other hand, no matter how much the UAE and other Arab countries want to establish relations with Israel, Pakistan had a clear position on the issue of Israel, and Pakistan has been on this position from the very beginning.

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Last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan, during a foreign visit, said in response to a question that there is no way for establishing relations with Israel until the freedom of Palestine.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that Pakistan has the same stance on the issue of Israel as the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had given that there is no question of considering Israel a state without recognizing the liberation of Palestinian Muslims and the existence of Palestine.

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