تاریخMay 29, 2020

Side Effects of Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Khalid Talat

Side Effects of Using Multiple Social Media Platforms

Nowadays Social Media is becoming an addiction for youngsters, without this, they cannot spend a single day in peace. It has been seen that most of the youngsters are not satisfied with one or two social media platforms and for their comfort, they are using many social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

According to the Futurity website, this research was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh scientists. In this research, they have studied the link between social media platforms and the mental condition of the users. According to the researchers, those people who are using 7 to 11 social media platforms have three to four times more mental illness and depression than those who are using 1 or 2 social media platforms. 

Youngsters are wasting most of their time on social media and getting upset by reading other people’s posts. Their daily routine gets upset and chances of bitterness with their friends and family get high. Scientists believe that using many social media platforms brings mental stress and depression with other severe physical problems. 

This research was published in the “Computers & Human Behaviour” journal.