Why Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman did not Meet with COAS of Pakistan Army?



Rauf Klasra has said that a high-level military delegation including Army Chief and DG ISI has returned after completing their visit to Saudi Arabia. However, they couldn’t meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the visit.

In a video blog with Rauf Klasra, senior journalist Amir Maeen said that according to the news coming from Saudi Arabia, the situation has stopped getting worse, but it has not improved and has not come to the optimal level. Pak-Saudi relations have been frozen from the last seven months due to the fact that Saudi Arabia has got the impression that Pakistan’s inclination towards Turkey and Iran is increasing, and Pakistan is ignoring Saudi Arabia’s interests.

Amir Mateen said that the military leadership looks after military-to-military matters, but everyone knew that diplomatic matters would also be settled during the army chief’s visit to Saudi Arabia, but that did not happen. No financial package was announced by Saudi Arabia and no warmth was shown.

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Rauf Klasra said that according to reports, Muhammad bin Salman had a 3-hour long meeting with his team regarding the visit of the Pakistan Army Chief. The meeting was also attended by Muhammad bin Salman’s younger brother Khalid bin Salman, who is also Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Defense. He later met with the Army Chief, but no joint statement was issued regarding the visit and the meetings.

Rauf Klasra added that there is an impression that matters are still pending and that the army chief might visit Saudi Arabia again in a month or two. The important thing is that while the army chief was meeting in Saudi Arabia, the foreign minister of Pakistan met with the ambassador of Qatar in the foreign office, due to which Saudi Arabia has maintained a cold shoulder.

Rauf Klasra said that Saudi Arabia had complained to the Pakistani delegation that Pakistan is reshaping relations with Turkey and Tayyip Erdogan, with whom Saudi Arabia did not have very good relations.

The situation began to deteriorate when Imran Khan paid tribute to Tayyip Erdogan during a speech at the United Nations. Saudi Arabia is demanding that Instead of being part of a new diplomatic bloc with Turkey and Iran, Pakistan should remain in the Saudi bloc.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for the discontinuation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is that Pakistan has been requesting Saudi Arabia to convene an OIC meeting on the Kashmir issue for a long time. But instead of fulfilling the request of its close ally Pakistan, Saudi Arabia is pressuring others not to convene the meeting. Due to this behavior, the relations between the two close partners Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has deteriorated.

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