تاریخMay 26, 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court Ordered to Abolish Whipping in the Country

Khalid Talat

The shocking news came from Saudi Arabia, where the Supreme Court has issued an order for the abolishment of the whipping in the country. Supreme Court has issued a notification in which all the subordinate courts are directed that no one should be punished with flogging.

The Saudi Ministry of Justice tweeted about the decision, in which they announced that the flogging is now banned in Saudia Arabia, and as alternatives, fines or prisoning will be used.

Prison or fines or both will be some of the alternative sentences to replace flogging. Courts will hear and evaluate cases and make most sound decisions regarding each case.

This royal decree will only apply to crimes for which there is no Sharia’s punishment in Islam, and the judge is empowered to determine the punishment in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah. This is related to the 70 legal reforms undertaken by the government for human rights in Saudi Arabia.

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