Further Shocking Revelations in Ph.D. Student Nadia Ashraf’s Suicide Case



The suicide of Nadia Ashraf, the student at Panjwani Center of Molecular Medicine and Drug Research, has raised many questions as to why a promising woman who reached her Ph.D. has committed suicide. After all, what were the factors that led an educated woman to commit suicide and she found it an easy solution to embrace death?

According to Shahbaz, the elder brother of the deceased Nadia Ashraf, when his sister committed suicide, her mother had gone to the nearby market to buy goods. According to him, this would not have been the case if the mother had been at home.

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Nadia enrolled in the M.Phil and Ph.D. programs at Karachi University in 2005 and continued her education. Nadia had also visited France for research purposes.

Nadia’s brother Shahbaz has revealed that his sister had also tried to commit suicide two years ago by cutting her wrist. Explaining the reason, he said that then another student with low marks and low qualification got her Ph.D. degree while Nadia failed in it.

He said that according to the psychologist, she was suffering from schizophrenia. Her father Chaudhry Ashraf had gone missing in 2007 about whom no information could be found later. Brother Shahbaz said that Nadia was very close to her father and that incident really shocked her.

On the other hand, there was the problem that she had not been able to complete her Ph.D. for 15 years and in this regard, she had said in her close circles that Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry would not allow her to complete her Ph.D. In the grief of not completing her Ph.D., she had taken such a drastic step as suicide.

According to social activists and social media users, this is not a suicide but a murder in which the deceased was so harassed that she finally chose suicide as an easy way out.

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