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Reasons and Background of Recent Indo-China Border Conflicts



The border dispute between India and China over Ladakh and its adjoining areas is nothing new. The two countries also fought a war in 1962 over these border disputes. But it is also a fact that despite the existence of these border disputes, not a single bullet has been fired between the two countries since 1975.

Despite the recent border disputes and the stand-off of troops in Ladakh and adjoining areas between the two countries, not a single shot has been fired. Poles and stones have been used by both sides. The two countries have a tacit agreement that does not allow the use of bullets and other weapons.

In contrast, in the border disputes between Pakistan and India, the issue starts with bullets and heavy artillery shelling. India’s attitude and strategy on Pakistan’s border are indeed way different from China’s Border. With the border dispute with Pakistan, the Indian leadership also start verbal shelling. Statements are made that create a war hysteria, but this is not the case with China.

India is also alleging that China has entered Indian territory, but there is complete silence on the part of India. So far, the Indian Foreign Office has not issued a single statement, while the Chinese Foreign Office has issued several statements. The Indian Media is making noise that China has entered Indian territory, but so far no protest has been carried out by calling the Chinese ambassador.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi indeed had a long meeting with his three military chiefs a few days ago to review the situation, but no statement was issued neither from the Indian army or Prime Minister Modi. If this was the case with Pakistan, there would have been an uproar by now, but India’s approach towards China is more with restraint and patience. So far, India’s strategy is clear that they want to avoid any kind of war with China. India is trying to handle the issue through back-channel diplomacy.

Currently, there are tensions between India and China in four places. There are three locations in Ladakh which are adjacent to Kashmir. When India had recently abolished the special status of Kashmir, it had also announced the separation of Ladakh from Kashmir. However, there are currently severe border tensions between India and China at three key locations in Ladakh. However, the fourth place is NUKU La Pass, which is between the Indian state of Sikkim and the Chinese territory of Tibet. There has been a disagreement between India and China over Tibet, so this position and the tensions are very important.

China claims Tibet an integral part of its territory, while India has sheltered the Dalai Lama, the head of Tibet’s self-styled exiled government. But despite the dispute, the two countries are trading at $92 billion and China has invested heavily in India. China also claims that its 90,000 sq km area is under Indian control, which China wants to take back. In this situation, there are two types of borders between India and China. One is the Line of Actual Control and the other is the CCL (Chinese claim of land).

There is also a dispute between India and China over Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Two-thirds of the 134-kilometer-long lake is currently occupied by China, but despite this, there is still tension on the lake. Various places along this lake are called “Fingers”. India’s position is that the border starts with finger number 2 while China’s position is that the border starts with finger number 8.

On the occasion of Kargil, when India withdrew all its troops from here to fight Pakistan, China had built a road at Finger No. 4, which has made it easier for China to patrol here by vehicles. Kargil may or may not have benefited Pakistan, but China did benefit from building this road, and China’s position was strengthened. Since then, India has been trying to build a road near Finger No. 2 in response. China has strong reservations about this and it does not want India to build this road, because, after that, India will also be in a position to patrol the area with vehicles. That is why China has now multiplied its military presence near Finger No. 3, building military bunkers to prevent India from building the road. The position of India here is getting very weak now. If India does not build this road, this lake will get out of its hands.

Galwan Valley has been peaceful since 1962. This is the only area where China’s CCL and LAC are almost the same, so there is no border dispute. However, India is building roads near the LAC in the region, which China has strong reservations about. China’s position is that the construction of these roads will give India a lead in the region. To stop the construction of roads, China has also increased the number of its troops there and stopped the construction of roads. At the moment, it is being acknowledged that China has come within three kilometers of the Line of Actual Control at Galwan Valley in Ladakh. Due to which it is being said that China has occupied Indian territory. But China’s position is that it is within its territory according to the CCL.

India will do its best to avoid war. But this time, the areas where China has improved its position are dangerous for India, and also important for CPEC. The fact that China is forcing Indian forces to retreat in Ladakh is a clear message that China will not allow the ‘Belt and Road Project’ or the ‘CPEC Project’ to be harmed under any circumstances. The PLA has also conveyed the message that China will not hesitate to use its diplomatic and military might to quell any future Indian aggression. Besides, India is not digesting Chinese economic and military development. In all these situations in the future, CPEC will face more threats than ever before, for which, it is necessary to maintain peace inside Pakistan.

India is losing a lot strategically but still, India has no option to fight. India realizes that peace with Pakistan is essential to fight China. That is why India remained silent when China occupied Indian-occupied territory and built a road on the occasion of Kargil. Because India could not afford to fight two wars at once. Pakistan is not far from this area, and Pak-India tensions over Kashmir are nothing new.

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COVID-19 & its Effects on the ‘Balance of Power’



In January and February of this year, there was great rejoicing in US foreign policy circles that the Chinese Communist Party would now fall apart, as controlling the Coronavirus epidemic would not be enough for China. And it will lead to such an economic decline that it will not be possible for the Communist Party to sustain it. But as China took a step towards recovery and the Coronavirus turned to the West, it turned into unwise joy and enthusiasm into irrational despair.

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Commentators began to express anger and regret that China’s control of the coronavirus would prove its political and geographical superiority, leaving the West and the United States far behind. The problem was that China had raised concerns about the coronavirus being a US product. Along with this, the steps were taken by China to prevent Corona, and above all, China also launched a program called Corona Relief globally. Chinese intellectuals and commentators also began to call it a victory for China. They saw it as a victory for the Chinese communist system and expressed happiness that the Americans were terrified of the epidemic. The victory in the People’s War against Corona was attributed to China. Despite all the efforts of ideological fighters, the painful truth is that both China and the United States will be weakened by the deadly effects of this epidemic.

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Neither the Chinese Empire nor the American Empire will emerge from the ruins of the Corona-stricken countries, but both states will be weakened internally and externally. And there are fears that the result could be international anarchy.

In the time to come, three factors will be the benchmark for global change. First, what will be the change in the economic and military power of the great powers after this epidemic? The second thing that will be even more important is how the world will view these economic and military changes. And third, what strategy do the great powers adopt? Based on these three factors, the United States and China will certainly be concerned about their global impact on how to sustain and increase them.

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The Americans are trying to move forward with the fact that China has not properly informed the world or its people about the coronavirus. In this way, the Americans are conspiring to make people believe that it is China that has infected its people with this epidemic and that the epidemic is spreading all over the world because of them. That is why there are cracks in the Communist Party inside China. The Americans are happy with this and are telling the rest of the world that Chinese leader Xi is losing his grip. Contrary to popular expectations, the Chinese economy has been hit hard. The West believes that China will have a hard time coping with this economic shock and that it’s domestic production will not increase.

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As far as American power is concerned, the mismanagement of President Trump’s administration has made it clear to the world that it is a power that cannot deal with its own crisis but will deal with the crisis of others. The United States is becoming somewhat divided internally, and after this epidemic, it will become even weaker.

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Indo-China Conflict & the Role of America



At a time when the whole world is busy controlling COVID-19, the long-running border dispute between the world’s two most populous and nuclear-armed countries, India and China, has intensified. The disputed Himalayan border region has been the scene of recent skirmishes between Indian and Chinese forces. Including the exchange of fists. It also added to US unrest, but President Trump’s offer of mediation has been sidelined by both countries.

According to analysts, the chances of a major confrontation between the nuclear-armed rivals are slim at the moment. However such incidents could widen and deepen the gulf between the two countries. Relations between the two countries have generally been stable in recent years, but there have been some complications over time. Because, on the one hand, China is challenging the status of the United States as India’s top trading partner. On the other hand, India’s Hindu nationalist government is undermining China’s military and economic development in the region. And on this point, the US government is also sympathetic to the Indian government.

For a time, China and India were economically equal. However, the overall progress achieved over the last 40 years is not being digested by India. Remember that at present China’s GDP is five times higher than India’s.

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The recent border dispute arose at the point where India was defeated in 1962. At a time when relations between the United States and China are at an all-time low, Chinese experts are skeptical of Trump’s offer of mediation. Because of the rise of China, Washington is trying to use India for its own ends by pulling India towards the alliance of China’s neighbors.

Leading Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote in an editorial that Washington is looking forward to taking advantage of the China-India conflict. And whenever a dispute arises between India and China, the United States tries to air it. The US is trying to turn India against China. However, contrary to US wishes, India and China have tried to reduce the temperature through diplomatic and military channels.

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According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the two sides have agreed to resolve the situation in the border areas peacefully. This agreement is based on the agreement between the top leadership of the two countries. Under which peace and stability are essential for the overall development of bilateral relations in the border areas of the two countries.

However, with the rapid rise of social media and the dominance of the Hindu nationalist party in India, the border dispute could escalate. Border tensions between the two countries last escalated in 2017. Currently, there is tension in both countries because of COVID-9. India is also among the countries that are blaming China for the spread of COVID-19.

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Thousands of Chinese and Indian troops are reported to be camping just a few hundred yards from each other, and there have been reports of heatwaves between the two. In this regard, US analysts say that China is currently in an aggressive mood, reminiscent of 1962. At the time, Mao Zedong was unhappy with India. He wanted to send a message that China could use force if needed.

According to US analysts, China’s action carries the same message to India and others. It is that China has the capability to deal with several security issues simultaneously. According to US analysts, China has adopted an aggressive foreign policy in recent months in the wake of self-criticism over COVID-19. Another reason is bad relations with the United States. The move to protect India’s border is in line with the current trend in Chinese foreign policy. It is a clear message for the growing partnership between the United States and India over the past few years and for a united front against China.

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However, President Trump says Washington would be happy to help. “We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready to mediate in their growing border dispute,” Trump said in a tweet. However, neither India nor China accepted the offer. However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also discussed the issue with Trump in a phone call. The Indian media reports quoted New Delhi officials as saying that they wanted Washington to be present on the occasion. On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has made it clear that there is no need for any third party to intervene. According to the Foreign Ministry, there are concrete mechanisms and means of communication between China and India. Both sides are capable of resolving relevant issues through dialogue and consultation.

Some analysts also see the current developments in the context of Pak-India tensions and Pak-China friendship. They see China’s action as tantamount to China’s support for Pakistan in the context of Pak-India border tensions.

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It may be recalled that India is constructing its strategic road in the Galan Valley to connect the region with an airstrip. To this end, in August last year, India unilaterally separated Ladakh from occupied Kashmir and declared it a federal territory. China has strongly condemned the move and raised the issue with the UN Security Council.

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The Oppression of Blacks in the American Society: Background & Horrifying Reasons



It is a crime to try to buy a cigarette by giving a fake note, but it is not so big as to take the life of an unarmed person. However, this is possible in the world’s only superpower. On the evening of May 25, a white police officer brutally murdered a black George Floyd for committing the same crime.

George had been committing petty crimes in his youth. Then he realized that he was on the path of sin. So he left his hometown and moved to a new city, Minneapolis, to start a new life. Now he often lectured blacks to change their fortunes and stay away from crime by adopting education and skills. But American law put its knees on the neck of the same black preacher who was calling men to goodness in his community.

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Police officer Derek Chauvin, by kneeling on the body of the oppressed George like a master, revealed the negative mentality or psyche that the majority of white Americans could not get rid of even after a hundred years. That even today they treat blacks as their mercenary slaves with contempt and prejudice. The white majority in America has not been able to get rid of the negative mentality because even in modern times, many whites in the American elite have a prejudice against blacks and consider them second class citizens. The American elite gave rights to black people under pressure from 1865 to 1968, otherwise, they were not in favor.

There are more than 40 million blacks in the United States. They make up 12.8% of the total population (approximately 33 million). The majority of blacks are descendants of Africans who were brought to the United States as slaves between 1500 and 1865. The majority of white masters persecuted the slaves in all sorts of ways, as described by their own historians in their books.

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William Allen (d. 1882) was a famous pastor who spent his life trying to eradicate the scourge of slavery from America. Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society (held in 1834), an anti-slavery organization, he told the audience, “The majority of American masters are cruel to their slaves. It is a miracle to have mercy on them”.

Slavery is an ancient practice, but it is the Western powers that have turned it into a well-organized trade and business. In the fifteenth century, Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, Denmark, etc. began to occupy African and Latin American countries. The warlords of these Western powers established vast farms in the conquered territories. Slaves were brought from African masters to work on farms and later in factories. In the beginning, these slaves were prisoners of war who fell into the hands of Western forces in wars. Later, African citizens began to be bought and sold as slaves. Today, Western powers promote human rights, democracy, and humanitarianism. But in the past, the cruel, immoral, and inhumane trade of slaves has been a disgrace to their feet.

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During this trade, 12 million Africans were enslaved and brought to Europe, America, and Latin America. These slaves served white landlords, industrialists, government officials, and even priests. In most places, they had no human rights. It was common to beat them. Many bosses insulted African women. Frightened by the persecution, if a black man ran away, whites would chase him and kill him.

Through the efforts of Abraham Lincoln and other philanthropic American leaders, slavery was finally abolished in 1865. But these leaders have not been able to erase from the minds of millions of white people the idea that they are masters and black slaves! That is why even today, under the influence of this sense of superiority and arrogance, extremists like Derek Chauvin strangle people like George, and sometimes whites shoot black people and label them as a criminal.

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A similar tragedy occurred on February 23, 2020, in the state of Georgia. Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man in Glynn County, Georgia, was jogging when suddenly two white men in a van chased him. Ahmaud tried his best to avoid them but could not succeed. A white man shot and killed him. It was later revealed that the two were white father and son. They believed that Ahmaud Arbery was the same thief who had been committing thefts in this area for some time. So instead of informing the police, they killed Ahmaud, even though he was not a thief. The father, Gregory McMichael, had worked for the local police. So the local white administration tried to save him.

It was said that the father and son shot Ahmaud due to a misunderstanding. But a video testified to their guilt. The video was taken by their neighbor, William Bryan, who was driving behind him. In the video, it can be seen that the armed father and son are actively pursuing the unarmed Ahmaud. The poor man was running here and there to escape them. At last, they caught him. Ahmaud tries to snatch the gun but fails. Gregory McMichael stabbed him three times in the stomach and killed him in broad daylight.

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The video caused a stir in American society. When George Floyd was assassinated, protesters demanded the arrest of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers. Due to public pressure, the father and son were finally taken into custody 74 days later.

Just think, if Ahmaud had been replaced by a white man and blacks or Muslims would have chased him and killed him, there would have been a storm in America. The media would then go to great lengths to prove that blacks or Muslims are terrorists. But this time the killers were white, so at the beginning not only the American media remained silent but also there was no movement on social media. Had the video not surfaced, the assassination of Ahmaud Arbery would have escaped justice. Now his grieving parents are hoping for justice.

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Abraham Lincoln tried hard to establish a system of justice and equality in the United States, but he was killed by a man who believed in white supremacy. Soon after Lincoln, whites became elites in the United States and seized national resources. They then imposed a cruel and unjust system on the people which exploits them in various ways. A notable example of this is given.

During recent protests in the United States, blacks in several cities looted retail stores of well-known companies. Millions of crores of rupees worth of goods are kept for sale in these stores. The question is, why did black people target stores selling popular brands? The reason is that they are a clear sign of the persecution of blacks and are related to American prisons.

The ruling elite in the United States has empowered the police force to protect its interests. Protecting the interests of the elite, not the people, is the primary responsibility of the American police. And there are a lot of whites in the force, most of whom are racist and bigoted. The war on drugs began. Under the guise of this war, the American elite pursued a plan to enslave blacks again. That is how the police started arresting thousands of black people every year for some crime. At one point, “50 percent” of the prisoners in American prisons were black. Their roundup was carried out for a specific purpose. That purpose was to provide cheap manpower.

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In fact, American prisons treat prisoners differently. In return, they receive very little compensation. Today, for example, the minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 per hour. But convicts in prisons receive only $3 an hour. As a result, American police began detaining black youth, even on trivial matters. The point was that large multinational companies and corporations should get cheap manpower. Today, the products of most of the 500 largest companies in the United States are manufactured directly or indirectly by prisoners in prisons. Thus, the American elite found a new way to exploit prisoners, especially blacks. Experts have dubbed this procedure the “Prison-industrial complex”.

Estimate the size of the Prison Industrial Complex, the world’s only superpower, with 2.2 million inmates in US prisons today. Most of them make products for multinational companies. Americans make up only “4%” of the world’s population. But internationally, “22%” of all prisoners are in US prisons. It reveals the bitter truth that the greedy American elite has turned their captivity into a business. They take advantage of the compulsion and helplessness of the prisoners to make them work and gives them a small increase in return. Thus, it got a very cheap workforce that helps companies increase profits.

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The exploitation of human beings to make more and more money has become a hallmark of American capitalism. A bitter truth is that American prisons are schools of crime for black youth. There, the white administration uses every tactic to make them criminals. So when they are free, they commit crimes again and go back to jail. Thus, they keep coming and going in the jails and cheap labor is constantly available to the Prison Industrial Complex.

The exploitation of human beings to make more and more money has become a hallmark of American capitalism. A bitter truth is that American prisons are schools of crime for black youth. There, the white administration uses every tactic to make them criminals. So when they are free, they commit crimes again and go back to jail. Thus, they keep coming and going in the jails and cheap labor is constantly available to the Prison Industrial Complex.

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It is clear from the facts that it is in the interest of the American elite and the police to keep blacks addicted to deliberate crime so that not only do they have cheap manpower but they also have a strong grip on American society. They want to perpetuate their rule. But recent protests against the elite in the West have shown that whites are now dissatisfied with their rulers. That is why in the United States, especially white youth and students took part in marches, demonstrations, and processions alongside blacks.

This new change could weaken the grip of elite classes on Western governments and societies in the future. At least they will be forced to give more facilities and privileges to the people so that they will be satisfied. Otherwise, it will become a mass protest movement and will round up their sacks.

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