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What is the Reality of Dark Web?



The world has made tremendous progress in technology and science since the industrial revolution. It is not deniable to say that the world has entered a new world beyond the imagination of a layman. Innumerable inventions have been made in the previous century, but the astonishing one was the introduction of the internet to the world.

The world of webs has transformed the lives of people. In today’s world, it takes no time to disseminate information to any corner of the world, and communication became very easy and brisk. But, on the other side of the picture, it has made this world an eldritch place.

The Internet has been divided into three categories: surface web, deep web, dark web. The surface web, which is also known as visible web, indexed web, or Lightnet web, is the part of the world wide internet that is accessible to the general public and is searchable via standard web search engines, for instance, Google, YouTube, etc. It only consists of 4 percent of the data that is on the internet.

The deep web is that part of the information that is not available on the search engines. It comprises of almost 90 percent. This part of the web is used by those who involve in policymaking and form a system to live in and manipulate or handle other people. Simply we can say that they rule the world. The multinational companies, intelligence agencies, and world powerful leaders come in this category. The deep web is used to control the surface web.

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In ancient times, people who possessed evil minds were called killers, smugglers, etc. Later they have been termed underworld. They are doing their illicit work covertly by following their modus operandi. An invisible portion of the internet was formed and kept secret to serve the purpose of those evil-minded people. The dark web is a very dangerous world. Once you get involved in the dark web, you keep plunging in its perilous world.

What is the purpose of the dark web? as I mentioned above it is a world of underworlds to serves their pernicious acts. Smuggling of drugs and ordnance covertly takes place in the ‘Black Market’ of the dark web, and it is almost impossible for the intelligence agencies to apprehend those criminals because the dealings occur online and in a quick session of time.

Killers are also hired through this dark web. Illicit streets fighting that lead to brutal feuds are shown on this dark web, in which, fighters often get died. Most of this dark web shows the horrendous pictures as the women and children are subjected to extreme physical torture and violence and aired live to watch. People pay to watch this torture and sometimes demand their desired torture and pay more money.

Those kinds of heinous crimes are being committed on the dark web on a large scale. A case had surfaced in Pakistan that a person was accused of filming tormenting videos of children and women and sending them to the dark world. He was incarcerated and an investigation was opened to probe into the matter. Recently, he got bail and exonerated by the court.

In addition, the smuggling of humans body parts is also carried out on a large scale. Some mental and insane people smuggle human blood. Classes are held on the dark web to learn magic and how to talk with spirits. All the transactions of this criminal world take place in Bitcoins.

The network of the dark world, unfortunately, has snowed under the whole world. They commit all types of crimes. A conjecture has imbued the minds of the custodians of the world that the circle of the dark web has also got access to the arsenal of the world. This is alarming news for the whole world. What would happen to the globe? They can be detrimental to the peace and stability of the earth as they can not be traced and where they are operating from. The total number of sites on the dark web is almost 6608, comprising 550 billion files individually.

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