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Punjab Govt Decided to Open Educational Institutions Under these Strict SOPs



The Ministry of Education has prepared strict and foolproof Corona related SOPs for opening private and government educational institutions across Punjab. After long meetings and discussions, the government approved the SOPs to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and also to continue the functioning of the education system.

Under the new SOP, no assembly will be held in any school when the school opens, and no breaks will be given to the students. It is mandatory to disinfect all classrooms, staff rooms, and washrooms early in the morning.

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Under SOPs, only two students will be allowed to sit at one desk instead of 3. Students and teachers will not be allowed to give each other pens, pencils, paper rubber, or food. Students and teachers will not be allowed to shake hands.

Under these SOPs, only 3 subjects will be taught in the class – Mathematics, English, Science. Only the homework of the remaining subjects will be given to the students. Only 20 children will be allowed to sit in a class. If there are more students, there will be two shifts in the morning and evening.

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