تاریخMay 29, 2020

PTI Government Announces Relaxation in the Lockdown from 9 May

Khalid Talat

After the meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC), it is decided to ease the lockdown situation in the country. In a briefing, Asad Umar told the media that PM Imran Khan and the Cabinet Members have decided to give relaxation in the lockdown. The first phase was the opening of the construction industry and in the second phase, it is decided to open small markets, shops, OPDs, etc.

This decision is taken by the PM Imran Khan to resume the economic activities in the country. It is decided to re-open small markets and shops, where crowds are unlikely to gather. Hospital OPDs will resume their services for the public. Hardware stores, tiles shops, electric cables shops, steel and iron workshops, and their related industrial units are allowed to resume their activities. However, the school and academic institutions will remain close until 15 July.

There were disagreements over the timing, however, it has now been agreed that shops will be allowed to open from dawn till 5 pm. All the markets will remain close for two days a week, and only medical stores and essential services will be allowed to be open.

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