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Pakistani Leaders Should Change their Attitude for the Betterment of the Nation



The public is currently being suffering from coronavirus. The number of cases is increasing day by day. In the early days of the epidemic, our rulers bravely opposed the lockdown and provided emergency relief to the poor. Some departments were filled to the brim, some were given a few grains at their feet. Today the world is coming out of lockdown and we are talking about the re-imposing lockdown. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has announced that the country will be completely cleansed and the lockdown from Corona will end, but the nature of our rulers regarding the Coronavirus has not yet improved and the number of victims is more than two lakh.

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We have not yet been able to decide how to manage ourselves in such a difficult situation. Locust attack is another punishment, due to which the wheat crop on the millions of acres of land has been destroyed. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. If our rulers were strong, the hoarders of sugar, wheat, flour, and oil could never make the ugly move of hoarding the goods of public need.

Due to the slight decline in oil prices, the country received complaints about oil reserves. The Federal Minister for Energy has constituted a committee to investigate the stockpiling of petrol, diesel, and black marketing and has appointed the DG Oil of the Petroleum Division as the Chairman of the Committee of Inquiry. The Petroleum Division has also issued a notification for the formation of this committee. The committee will take steps to ensure supply to petrol and diesel pumps. What sin are the rulers trying to punish the people by creating a crisis of petrol and diesel?

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No matter how weak the subjects are, the bravery and courage of the rulers teach them to live in any situation and to live with patience and gratitude. There are many instances in history where a country seems to be in a difficult situation, its apparent causes do not seem to come out of that country’s difficult situation. But the determination, positive thinking of the rulers give the people of a country the strength to face difficult situations. The rulers are the representatives and spokespersons of the people. All over the world, his words are considered the opinion of the whole nation. Our rulers, politicians travel the world after coming to power. Going to developed countries, they negotiate cooperation in many industrial sectors and persuade the companies of allied countries to invest in their country, so that it will turn the wheel of the national economy and the people will be happy. But it has been observed that the benefit of such agreements has not reached the deserving poor people to date. The millstone keeps spinning there. The poor are crushed in the mill of poverty and the rich are amassed wealth. After such agreements, when there are news conferences, the words of these politicians are presented in the world media with the impression that it is as if the rulers are making all these agreements by asking 22 crore people.

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Given the situation in the country, the burden of responsibilities falls on the back of a ruler in the most difficult of circumstances. That is why the rulers should understand their positions and responsibilities to the level of duties. Because their words and deeds are being closely monitored. Pakistan is known all over the world as the Islamic Republic and religion is the identity of our country. Then our rulers should think that they have the power to make all the decisions of the country and also the representatives of the nation. They are faithful to their religious traditions all over the world. Therefore, rulers should understand that one of their good deeds can make the whole nation proud. In the same way, one of their deeds will make the whole nation bow its head.

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The Federal Cabinet Approved the First Political Map of Pakistan Showing IOK as Part of Pakistan



The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has released a political map of the country in which occupied Kashmir has been shown as part of Pakistan.

Addressing the nation on state TV, the Prime Minister said that for the first time, a political map of the country is being released which reflects the aspirations of the Pakistani and Kashmiri people and the Kashmiri leadership.

He said that the launch of the political map of the country is the first step towards making Kashmir Pakistan. We will continue to persuade the United Nations that either they recognize this conflict or not, we will continue to work for its resolution.

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The Prime Minister announced that from today onwards, the newly issued maps would be used everywhere, including in the curricula of educational institutions across the country.

“Today is a historic day,” he said. The issuance of this map negates the August 5 move of India in Occupied Kashmir. The map has the support of Pakistani political parties and the Kashmiri leadership and has been approved by the federal cabinet.

Earlier, the federal cabinet approved the release of the political map of the country. For the first time in the history of the country, a political map of the country has been released.

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A meeting of the Federal Cabinet was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister in which the Board of Korangi Fisheries Harbor Authority was reconstituted and the Deputy Governor State Bank of Pakistan was approved.

The Cabinet was briefed on the performance of the National Information Technology Board, payment of dues to media houses, and gas distribution projects, while a progress report on institutional reforms was presented.

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CPEC & Chabahar Paving the Way for China’s Supremacy in the Region



The Cold War between the United States and China is still going on and it will go on for a long time until one wins. This war is to gain a hegemonic role in the region as well as in economic superiority. China is rapidly becoming an economic challenge to the United States, and its extraordinary growth has forced the United States to impose economic sanctions on China.

This annoyance of the United States is also an announcement of its undeclared defeat. In such a situation, it was inevitable for China to retaliate, which it did. The US president then made derogatory remarks against China itself. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a “shut-up call” to the United States. The United States has banned Chinese technology company Huawei. It made it almost impossible for China to access 5G technology, but the frustration of the US increased when China made it clear to them that it had completed work on 5G technology with its own resources, and the shock of the ban on Huawei could easily be endured. Huawei has also begun to gain a foothold in Asian markets outside of US markets by improving its technology, while a report suggests that Huawei could also benefit from European markets.

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According to US experts, Trump’s poor policies have widened the gap between China and the United States, which does not appear to be closing in the near future. According to them, the United States should have given China a tough time, to improve its trade, to go to more markets, to improve the situation in Africa, and convert it into a market as well. But imposing sanctions in this way will send a message to the world about the weakness of the United States system.

A large segment of the world still believes that the Coronavirus is a product of the US-China war, which is taking its toll on the world. It can be true but what is reality? Its secret will be revealed only after many years. At the moment, the situation is such that China has become a challenge for the United States in the region. The US thought that if it supports India both economically and militarily, it would give China a tough time. But here American research and calculations proved wrong. India could not give China a tough time in any field despite the support of the United States, on the contrary, it began to be alone in the region. A recent example of this is the major developments in Iran, where Iran has sidelined India and started making trade agreements with China.

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According to a recent agreement, China will invest $400 billion in Iran over the next 25 years. Estimate how big this amount is when in 2018, our government needed only $6 billion to avoid default and run the country. The volume of CPEC of Pakistan and China is currently about $65 billion. Chabahar is almost 80 km from Gwadar. It is also a deep water port. Shortly after Pakistan and China launched CPEC, India announced work with Iran on the Chabahar port. India’s real intention was to sit here and promote proxy war in Pakistan and destabilize Pakistan. An example of this is the arrest of Kulbhushan Yadav and his revelations.

Iran was also in the anti-Pakistan camp because of India and its territory was also used against Pakistan. India’s sole purpose in this whole scenario was to use Chabahar to harm Pakistan and CPEC. While this situation was unacceptable for Pakistan, it was also unacceptable for China and that is why after a few years of hard work and backdoor diplomacy, Iran has now shaken hands with China and on the other hand, it has sidelined India from Chabahar projects.

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According to Iran, India’s plan was to increase tensions for Pakistan from Chabahar. India was only talking verbally while Iran was spending money. Investment is a difficult task for Iran, which is mired in global sanctions. Therefore, keeping in view the situation, Iran has sidelined India and preferred friendship with China. Due to this situation, the Modi government in India is also being severely criticized that India has spoiled relations with its neighbors at the behest of America, while America has a history of not being anyone’s friend and it uses countries for its own purposes regardless of color, race, religion.

Recently, Iran’s ambassador to Pakistan has sharply criticized India without naming it. He said that when a country is reluctant to maintain relations with Iran and needs the permission of other countries for its normal relations, it is clear that it is not capable of long-term planning and implementation. He made the statement in view of the lack of seriousness of India’s Chahbahar to Zahedan rail project, in which India has been making statements, but in practice, it has done nothing.

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It is also clear that a new alliance is being formed in the region comprising China, Turkey, and Russia, which will include key countries in the region, including Malaysia. Pakistan is naturally present in this alliance because of Turkey and China and now Iran’s participation will further strengthen this alliance. However, due to US conspiracies, relations between Pakistan and Iran have not been good for a long time. Pakistan and Iran have been in separate camps since the Soviet war. Pakistan’s relations with Arab countries have also played a role in spoiling relations with its neighbors and on the other hand, the proxy war has left no stone unturned. The two countries have a long history of suffering, but now that China is investing heavily in Pakistan and Iran, so it is time for the two countries to mend their diplomatic and trade ties.

On the one hand, Pakistan can benefit from Chabahar, while Iran can also benefit from Gwadar and CPEC. India’s influence is also disappearing from Iran, so now Pakistan will also deal with Iran in different ways. As far as Saudi-Iranian relations are concerned, this ideological Cold War began after the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and will probably continue in the future. Therefore, the two countries must accept each other, respect each other’s religious views and, most importantly, get out of the abyss.

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China is a strategic partner for Pakistan but on the other hand, it needs to be made with the United States as well. Iran is Pakistan’s neighbor and on the other hand, Pakistan has to maintain relations with Saudi Arabia. It is a double-edged sword in diplomacy that is extremely difficult to wield. But if Pakistan learns to wield this sword successfully and if we learn to balance relations, it will be a great achievement not only for Pakistan but for the region.

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Police Brutally Tortured Iqrar ul Hassan & other Team Members of Sar-e-aam [Watch Video]



According to the reports, Iqrar-ul-Hassan, the anchorperson of private TV program Sar-e-aam, was attacked and tortured by the Hyderabad Police. It was reported that the SHO of the Police Station slapped and tortured Iqrar-ul-Hassan.

According to details, Team Sar-e-aam had conducted a sting operation against criminals within the limits of Hyderabad’s Hatri police station, after which SHO Farooq Rao, along with other police personnel, tortured Iqrar ul Hassan and other members of Sar-e-aam team, and tried to lock them in a room.

According to the report of ARY News, the team had carried out a sting operation against the patronage of criminal elements of the concerned police station, on which the SHO of the police station beat Iqrar ul Hassan. According to the report, the police personnel used to take bribes from the vehicles of Gatka and Mainpuri.

ARY also aired footage of the incident, which clearly showed plainclothes policemen slapping Iqrar ul Hassan and trying to lock him in a room.

It may be recalled that in the last few days, Iqrar-ul-Hassan had said in his video message that he was receiving death threats.

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