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Pakistan’s First Digital Bank has been Launched – Register Now



The last few years have seen a digital revolution in Pakistan due to high-speed internet services. In the days to come, companies and institutions are introducing their services under the umbrella of Digital Pakistan. The government has also played a positive role in this regard and has encouraged participants in Digital Pakistan.

In this regard, digital banking is being launched for the first time in Pakistan and a company called SadaPay has started this initiative. SadaPay doesn’t have any costly physical branches like a traditional bank. Sadapay is a digital wallet that will save a lot of your time and works better than any other banking service.

Click Here to Register With SadaPay

To create a SadaPay account, we’ll only need a selfie, a picture of your CNIC, your phone number, and a few other small details. There is no minimum deposit and no minimum balance requirement.

The registration process is very easy and simple, and after the registration, you will be on the waitlist for further process. After your registration is complete, the company will immediately deliver your debit card by courier within 48 hrs.

Through SadaPay card you can shop from any market or website throughout the world where Mastercards are acceptable. The network includes more than 30 million merchants around the world.

Click Here to Register With SadaPay

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