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Pakistan Army has found a way to Disinfect the Currency Notes

Khalid Talat

Scientists have revealed that the deadly Coronavirus can be spread through currency notes. After this discovery, many countries have banned the use of currency notes and advised the public to use credit cards or debit cards for transactions. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the public relies on transactions through paper currency because the majority population living in poverty, and they don’t have bank accounts.

To solve this issue, the Pakistan Army invented the machine that will sterilize the currency notes to disinfect for safe use. According to the army officials, this machine will disinfect the currency papers through different methods. While briefing on the machine, the Chief of the Army Engineering Core revealed that this machine works in three different methods. The first method is the use of UV light, the second method is through Spray and the last one is the use of Heat Rays to disinfect the currency notes.

The government, with the collaboration of Army Engineering Core, is planning to use this machine in places where the transaction of paper money is in large quantity. They are deciding to use this machine in banks, superstores, government organizations, and various other places. This machine can be very beneficial in containing the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

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کرونا سے بچاو کیلئے پاک فوج کا ایک اور بڑا اقدام

کرونا سے بچاو کیلئے پاک فوج کا ایک اور بڑا اقدام

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