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Nawaz Sharif Left the Country under a Secret Agreement



Talking to a private TV channel, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed has claimed that Nawaz Sharif has gone abroad after a secret agreement, he left the country after settling his matters. As long as Imran Khan is in power, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will not return home. Shahbaz Sharif is regretting his return to Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed further said that the most serious case is that of Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz. Shahbaz Sharif will think many times before making another mistake because he has already made many mistakes and regretting them.

Regarding Nawaz Sharif, Sheikh Rasheed said that Nawaz Sharif wants Maryam Nawaz to do politics, and no one has stopped Maryam Nawaz from doing it, like Bilawal Zardari she can also hold a daily press conference.

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Will Pakistan Recognize and Accept Israel?



The Muslim world is at a new turning point in history. The distance between Arabia and Israel seems to be closing. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince have met. The US Secretary of State was also present at the meeting in Saudi Arabia. The world media is shouting at this meeting. If this news is true then it is a great development in world politics. The UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan have already joined Israel. What color will this friendship with Israel bring to the Arabs? Why are the Arab countries so anxious to embrace yesterday’s enemy? Will Pak-Israel anger last forever?

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While the new global political development is a source of joy for the minority, it is also a source of unhappiness for the majority. Questions about recent developments also need to be answered. Experts say the meeting took place and that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in a private jet with the Mossad chief. He met secretly with the Saudi Crown Prince. The problem is that the results of the recent US election have upset many countries, including Saudi Arabia. After Biden’s victory, Saudi Arabia fears what the new US president will do. Saudi Arabia wants the support of the Israeli lobby in the United States. Saudi Arabia has extended a hand of friendship to both Turkey and Israel. Saudi Arabia does not want its relations with the United States to rupture. Will Saudi Arabia’s efforts work?

The first is that US foreign policy has implications. Four Muslim countries were destroyed by US foreign policy. Libya was devastated by Obama and Hillary. Had it not been for Russia and Hezbollah behind Assad in Syria, it would have been like Libya. The situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is also in front of everyone. The situation in Afghanistan and Iraq hurt the United States. Trump has not started new wars. Biden is under the influence of former US President Barack Obama. They are “dense” like them. Such people are dangerous. This threat is making the world restless.

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Iran has also linked Biden’s victory to goodwill. Iran hopes sanctions will be eased. Trade routes to Europe will open for Iran. Pakistan will also benefit from easing sanctions on Iran. Pakistan’s goods will go to Iran and Iran’s goods will come to Pakistan. Saudi Arabia wants to curb Iran’s influence in the region. If anyone can look Israel in the eye, it is Iran and Turkey. Saudi Arabia will not be made of Iran. It is said that the enemy of the enemy is the friend, Saudi Arabia is also going to sacrifice its long-standing policy under the same policy.

The question is, when Pakistan’s friends are raising the bar of love and friendship with Israel, will Pakistan lag behind in this race? Will Pak-Israel anger last forever? Prime Minister Imran Khan’s position on Palestine is the position of the nation, in which he said that our policy on relations with Israel is the same as that of the founder of Pakistan. The founders of Pakistan have always rejected relations with Israel. He used to say, “This is a dagger inserted in the heart of the Ummah. This is an illegitimate state which Pakistan will never recognize.”

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Our position cannot be linked to the position of the Arab League or the OIC. Our position is based on the position of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam. If Pakistan backs away from the Palestinian policy, it will deviate from the Kashmir policy. Pakistan is a non-Arab country that has taken part in two wars against Israel. Pakistan’s policy is clear and cannot be changed. But our Prime Minister is second to none in changing his stance on every issue. As soon as the news of the Saudi Crown Prince’s meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister came, a certain group in Pakistan was deployed to form a consensus to recognize Israel.

A lobby of specialized intellectuals and journalists has begun work on the “Acceptable” mission. The government has started throwing leaves through social media. The past shows that our Prime Minister jumps to great heights, in this case too. If that happened then his followers would accept it as a blessing.

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Why the Govt has failed to Control the Rising Price of Sugar in the Country?



According to Ansar Abbasi, while the sugar scandal case was being investigated, the sugar mafia started threatening FIA Director General Wajid Zia over the increase in sugar prices. The sugar mafia demanded that the inquiry be stopped or else a sugar crisis would be created.

In this regard, it was reported on April 5 that the sugar mafia has warned Prime Minister Imran Khan as well as DG FIA and Chairman Inquiry Commission Wajid Zia to stop the investigation into the sugar scandal immediately, otherwise, there will be a severe shortage of sugar in the country, as a result of which the price of sugar can go up to Rs 110 per kg.

According to The News, DG FIA Wajid Zia, who was the head of the commission, was asked from the mafia to stop the investigation, or else the price of sugar would go up to Rs 110. The DG FIA informed the Prime Minister’s Office of the threat he had received.

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Despite threats and pressure, the Commission of Inquiry not only completed its work but also the Prime Minister fulfilled his promise by publicizing the report. However, the government’s efforts to stem the rise in sugar prices have not been successful.

Under the action plan announced by the government to root out the sugar mafia, seven federal and provincial agencies have been tasked to take different types of criminal, regulatory and tax-related measures against those found guilty in the Sugar Commission report.

According to these orders, the politicians whose sugar mills were named in the forensic audit had to be questioned by the NAB and six other state agencies. These agencies include the NAB, FIA, SECP, FBR, Competition Commission, SBP, and provincial anti-corruption departments.

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These state agencies had to send a reference to the NAB for an investigation into the total subsidy of Rs 29 billion given to the sugar industry by the provincial and federal governments in the last five years.

The FBR had to investigate the income tax and sales tax issues related to tax evasion and anonymous transactions and submit an investigation report within 90 days.

The Competition Commission was asked to investigate anti-competitive and cartelization issues in the sugar industry and submit its report within 90 days.

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The SBP was ordered to investigate matters related to the sale of stock, waiver of loans, and repayment of loans and exports.

The FIA ​​and SECP were asked to investigate corporate fraud in sugar mills.

The task of provincial anti-corruption agencies was to prosecute sugar mill owners for violations of provincial laws, including paying farmers less than the decided amount and committing illegal deductions.

Institutions were given 90 days for the report, but the facts are that sugar is being sold at Rs 100 per kg in most parts of the country, while prices have risen to Rs 110 in some areas.

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Why Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman did not Meet with COAS of Pakistan Army?



Rauf Klasra has said that a high-level military delegation including Army Chief and DG ISI has returned after completing their visit to Saudi Arabia. However, they couldn’t meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the visit.

In a video blog with Rauf Klasra, senior journalist Amir Maeen said that according to the news coming from Saudi Arabia, the situation has stopped getting worse, but it has not improved and has not come to the optimal level. Pak-Saudi relations have been frozen from the last seven months due to the fact that Saudi Arabia has got the impression that Pakistan’s inclination towards Turkey and Iran is increasing, and Pakistan is ignoring Saudi Arabia’s interests.

Amir Mateen said that the military leadership looks after military-to-military matters, but everyone knew that diplomatic matters would also be settled during the army chief’s visit to Saudi Arabia, but that did not happen. No financial package was announced by Saudi Arabia and no warmth was shown.

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Rauf Klasra said that according to reports, Muhammad bin Salman had a 3-hour long meeting with his team regarding the visit of the Pakistan Army Chief. The meeting was also attended by Muhammad bin Salman’s younger brother Khalid bin Salman, who is also Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Defense. He later met with the Army Chief, but no joint statement was issued regarding the visit and the meetings.

Rauf Klasra added that there is an impression that matters are still pending and that the army chief might visit Saudi Arabia again in a month or two. The important thing is that while the army chief was meeting in Saudi Arabia, the foreign minister of Pakistan met with the ambassador of Qatar in the foreign office, due to which Saudi Arabia has maintained a cold shoulder.

Rauf Klasra said that Saudi Arabia had complained to the Pakistani delegation that Pakistan is reshaping relations with Turkey and Tayyip Erdogan, with whom Saudi Arabia did not have very good relations.

The situation began to deteriorate when Imran Khan paid tribute to Tayyip Erdogan during a speech at the United Nations. Saudi Arabia is demanding that Instead of being part of a new diplomatic bloc with Turkey and Iran, Pakistan should remain in the Saudi bloc.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for the discontinuation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is that Pakistan has been requesting Saudi Arabia to convene an OIC meeting on the Kashmir issue for a long time. But instead of fulfilling the request of its close ally Pakistan, Saudi Arabia is pressuring others not to convene the meeting. Due to this behavior, the relations between the two close partners Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has deteriorated.

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