تاریخMay 29, 2020

Mobiles & Girls

Khalid Talat

mobiles side effect

Mobiles became the most essential part of our life. It is the most important thing that is considered in the communication part of our life. Every person uses mobiles for communication. It is considered the fastest way for communication. We can contact with anyone anywhere anytime in the whole world through mobiles. Smartphones are the revolution in the mobile industry. Smartphones can do 60 to 70 percent of your work. Now we don’t have to carry our laptops everywhere. All the important work can be done through smartphones.

Recently the mobile industry became one of the biggest industries in Pakistan. There are many companies offering good quality mobiles with low prices that attract more and more customers. The demand for smartphones has increased due to the low price by companies. There are many Chinese and foreign companies in Pakistan offering low price mobiles with good quality. They try to attract more and more customers and due to the competition the user gets a good quality product.

There are many positive aspects of mobiles in human life but we also have to consider the negative aspects. Recently statistics show that youngsters waste most of their time using mobile games and social media. It has been observed that children who get smartphones at an early age will get addicted and their productivity rate will fall.

If we talk about Pakistani girls and mobile phones we will get shocking results. Most of the student girls have mobile phones in Pakistan. Even the girls in villages and small towns have access to mobile. This situation will turn into a very problematic thing for society. Parents should aware of this situation or they will regret later. Teenage girls should not be allowed to use mobiles unless it is very necessary. Parents should keep an eye on their children’s activities on mobiles. Due to mobiles the young boys and girls make friendships which lead to unethical activities that can destroy their life and they will be degraded in family and society.