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Law is indeed a Noble Profession – but Is it Worth it? – Prepare LLB Exams within 49 Days

When we talk about Law, our great heroes of Pakistan come to our minds, those are, Allama Iqbal, Choudhary Rahmat Ali, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, etc. One who dreamt and provided the vision for Pakistan, the other one who gave us the name of ‘Pakistan’ and the last one who struggled all his life for a separate homeland for Muslims, they were all Lawyers.

Law is a very noble and great profession and there is nothing more virtuous than helping others in need.

Today, we all know the condition of the job market in Pakistan. Population wise Pakistan is ranking 6th on the globe, the population is increasing rapidly and the number of vacancies in the government sector almost remains the same each year. In the private sector, due to scarcity of Entrepreneurship and increasing numbers of job seekers, employers are blackmailing employees to work for longer hours with low wages. There is also an option of business abut we all know that to start a business,  capital is required and many people can’t afford it, so everyone cannot do business.

So in these circumstances, Law is the option which could suits intelligent students comparatively, because after graduating Law, you’ll not need to search for a job because you’ll be Self-employed. The only thing to do is practice, work hard and consistency.

Even though the government has closed down 3-year LLB, but in 5 years degree, the courses, subjects, and paper patterns are the same as in the 3 years LLB degree program. There are 7 subjects each year with a hundred marks each. Importantly you need to score at least 45% marks in each paper. The passing marks are 45 in each paper, and the funny thing is the highest marks are around 63%.

Punjab University’s LLB is an annual degree and there is no such problem of attendance as well. There is a 50% choice in each paper. Students have to attempt only 5 questions out of 10. There are 7 subjects each year. You just need to go through the last six years’ annual past papers and, after analysing, select the most repeated 14 questions for each subject. To attempt 5 questions in the paper, 14 questions are enough to memorise for each subject. So, students have 98 questions for 7 subjects (14×7=98). If students memorise 2 questions daily, then they only require 49 days to memorise all 98 questions. But the point is that students need to do written practice for the examination daily.

Any issue that the students have to face is time management. Students need to attempt all 5 questions in 3 hours. We can say, students need to complete each question in 36 minutes and that’s all about the exams.

Now talk about the scope of LLB

Students can go for any of the following:

  • Judiciary
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Lecturer in Law Colleges
  • Military Courts
  • Legal Representative of Govt. Departments
  • Legal Representative of Private Companies
  • Legal Representative of Banks
  • Practice as private Lawyer


Despite all this, I want to add that, choose Law as a profession if you’re interested in it because it requires hard work constantly.

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