تاریخMay 26, 2020

Islamabad’s Situation After the End of Lockdown

Khalid Talat

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad shared a report that reveals a surge in Coronavirus cases in Islamabad. According to the report, the cases are increasing rapidly after the end of the lockdown. The number of cases has now gone up to 1235.

The report stated that 29033 tests were done in Islamabad, in which, 1235 came positive. Until now, 150 patients recovered, and 10 patients lost their lives.

The average number of cases, on a daily basis, in Islamabad was between 40 to 50, which got doubled, crossed 100, in the last two days due to the end of the lockdown.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad tweeted that the number of positive cases in Islamabad is increasing and today the highest number of cases got registered. He appealed from the public to wear masks and maintain social distance.

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