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Islamabad’s Situation After the End of Lockdown



Deputy Commissioner Islamabad shared a report that reveals a surge in Coronavirus cases in Islamabad. According to the report, the cases are increasing rapidly after the end of the lockdown. The number of cases has now gone up to 1235.

The report stated that 29033 tests were done in Islamabad, in which, 1235 came positive. Until now, 150 patients recovered, and 10 patients lost their lives.

The average number of cases, on a daily basis, in Islamabad was between 40 to 50, which got doubled, crossed 100, in the last two days due to the end of the lockdown.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad tweeted that the number of positive cases in Islamabad is increasing and today the highest number of cases got registered. He appealed from the public to wear masks and maintain social distance.

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COVID-19, Economy & Colonial Mind-set of our Youth



COVID-19 has spread around the world. Fear is everywhere. Man is afraid of man. The colors of the markets have faded. Doctors and scientists are trying their best to break the epidemic but to no avail.

COVID-19 is not just an epidemic, it has become a plague that is destroying the entire world economy. Whether it is developing countries or developed countries, all are targeted. Unemployment has risen around the world. In the United States alone, 17 million people have lost their jobs. The situation in Pakistan is no different. According to the estimates of the IMF and the World Bank, the growth rate in Pakistan will remain negative and unemployment will increase.

The expenditure burden on the government has increased, while the revenue is getting less and less. The government is spending billions of rupees on relief packages for the weaker sections. To improve the facilities in the hospitals, separate expenses, and emergency expenses to fight this insidious epidemic will have to be given, and billions of rupees will have to be given to various sectors to run the economy. On the other hand, according to various estimates, government revenue will be reduced by up to 70%.

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Lack of business will reduce tax revenue. Exports have dropped by 50%. This will reduce tax revenue. The rupee will depreciate and a new wave of inflation will rise. Unemployment will reduce the purchasing power of the people and will reduce demand. As a result, there will be a reduction in supply, which will make business worse. The young people who will come to the market after completing their degrees this year will face the ghost of unemployment. It will be very difficult to get a job and if the goddess of fortune is kind to someone and he gets a job, it will be possible only with low salary and inappropriate accessories.

In a world of recession and unemployment, what avenues do young people have? Go abroad with your skills and degrees or look for a job in the local market. The situation will not be different anywhere in the world, as the World Bank is associating this recession with the recession of the 1930s. This recession will affect the whole world equally. In that case, business is the only way. Young people become employers instead of looking for jobs.

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After COVID-19, the world will be a changed world, with more information technology going on than ever before. In such a situation, by gaining expertise in any field of IT, the youth themselves will earn the best jobs and also foreign exchange for the country. People will be more serious about the environment in the times to come. In such cases, domestic and international demand can be met by making environmentally friendly products.

CPEC will be very important in the next few years. Take advantage of CPEC by Delivering fruits, vegetables, wheat, and rice to China’s population of over one billion. Settle uncultivated lands, bring innovation in agriculture. Agriculture today is considered a sector of “uneducated villagers (Pendu)” people, and the educated youth feel ashamed to be associated with it. The youth have to make the sector of agriculture functional. Learn from the Israeli model in agriculture, how they settled barren lands and today have become the world’s largest producer of vegetables per acre.

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The result will be that in a few years, the IT sector in Pakistan will also stand strong, which is very important to make its mark on the world today. The public health sector and medical treatment facilities will be a thousand times better from today and we will not have to look to India and Europe for the import of medicines. In food production, Pakistan will be not only self-sufficient but also one of the exporting countries.

All that is needed is for the youth to give up colonial ideas, abandon the dream of becoming government clerks, and come to the fore. Leave the easy and “ripe” job and create new ways.

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Public Supports the Smart Lockdown by Imran Khan but Not Willing to Support in Elections, Survey



According to a survey by the Institute of Public Opinion Research, a majority of people support Prime Minister Imran Khan’s smart lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. 52% of the people are satisfied with his performance on the Corona issue, 21% support a complete lockdown, while 42% are unhappy with the government’s efforts.

For the first time since 2018, the PMLN has overtaken the PTI in public favor. Government spokesmen say surveys do not reflect the popularity of the people.

The Institute of Public Opinion Research is the same institute that predicted the PTI government before the 2018 elections, given its popularity.

The figures came as a result of a survey of more than 1,700 statistically selected people from across the country, conducted between June 19 and June 30.

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On the question of smart or complete lockdown to stop the spread of Corona, 63% of the people supported the Prime Minister’s smart lockdown policy, while 21% called for the implementation of a complete lockdown policy. 16% did not answer this question.

If elections are held next week, then 27% of people are willing to vote for PML-N, 24% for PTI, 11% for PPP, 3% for Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami, 2% for Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan, 1% for Pakistan Muslim League Q. While 1% said they would vote for Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts on the coronavirus issue also showed that 52% of people surveyed were satisfied while 42% expressed dissatisfaction with his efforts.

The Institute of Public Opinion Research (IPUR) also asked the public which personality can solve the problems facing Pakistan? In response, 27% named PML-N leader Shahbaz Sharif, while 22% expressed confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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While 5% took the name of Bilawal Bhutto, 3% took the name of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, 2% took the name of Siraj ul Haq, while 2% took the name of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, 2% took other names. While 6% said that only God can solve the country’s problems.

Given the current situation in the country, should the government complete 5 years or hold general elections immediately?

The survey also asked whether the current government should complete 5 years. In response, 57% of the people strongly supported the completion of 5 years of the current government.

While 29% suggested holding general elections in the country immediately, 14% did not give an opinion on it, after which when the public was asked about the budget in the survey, 21% said they were satisfied with the budget. While 52% expressed dissatisfaction with the budget.

It was also asked what is the main reason for the spread of coronavirus? 33% of people cited negligence and carelessness as the main reason for the rapid spread of the virus.

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11% said soft lockdown, 9% said non-implementation of SOPs, and 9% said weak government policies, 7% considered virus a rumor, 5% blamed the social distance, while 6% declared public gatherings the main cause of the spread of the virus.

It was also asked if the coronavirus vaccine would be available, would you and your family be vaccinated?

In response, 67% of Pakistanis, including their families, are willing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, while 25% refused to do so. 8% did not answer this question.

When asked why, 25 percent of those surveyed said they would not trust the vaccine, while 17 percent said they do not need it.

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Pakistani Leaders Should Change their Attitude for the Betterment of the Nation



The public is currently being suffering from coronavirus. The number of cases is increasing day by day. In the early days of the epidemic, our rulers bravely opposed the lockdown and provided emergency relief to the poor. Some departments were filled to the brim, some were given a few grains at their feet. Today the world is coming out of lockdown and we are talking about the re-imposing lockdown. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has announced that the country will be completely cleansed and the lockdown from Corona will end, but the nature of our rulers regarding the Coronavirus has not yet improved and the number of victims is more than two lakh.

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We have not yet been able to decide how to manage ourselves in such a difficult situation. Locust attack is another punishment, due to which the wheat crop on the millions of acres of land has been destroyed. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. If our rulers were strong, the hoarders of sugar, wheat, flour, and oil could never make the ugly move of hoarding the goods of public need.

Due to the slight decline in oil prices, the country received complaints about oil reserves. The Federal Minister for Energy has constituted a committee to investigate the stockpiling of petrol, diesel, and black marketing and has appointed the DG Oil of the Petroleum Division as the Chairman of the Committee of Inquiry. The Petroleum Division has also issued a notification for the formation of this committee. The committee will take steps to ensure supply to petrol and diesel pumps. What sin are the rulers trying to punish the people by creating a crisis of petrol and diesel?

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No matter how weak the subjects are, the bravery and courage of the rulers teach them to live in any situation and to live with patience and gratitude. There are many instances in history where a country seems to be in a difficult situation, its apparent causes do not seem to come out of that country’s difficult situation. But the determination, positive thinking of the rulers give the people of a country the strength to face difficult situations. The rulers are the representatives and spokespersons of the people. All over the world, his words are considered the opinion of the whole nation. Our rulers, politicians travel the world after coming to power. Going to developed countries, they negotiate cooperation in many industrial sectors and persuade the companies of allied countries to invest in their country, so that it will turn the wheel of the national economy and the people will be happy. But it has been observed that the benefit of such agreements has not reached the deserving poor people to date. The millstone keeps spinning there. The poor are crushed in the mill of poverty and the rich are amassed wealth. After such agreements, when there are news conferences, the words of these politicians are presented in the world media with the impression that it is as if the rulers are making all these agreements by asking 22 crore people.

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Given the situation in the country, the burden of responsibilities falls on the back of a ruler in the most difficult of circumstances. That is why the rulers should understand their positions and responsibilities to the level of duties. Because their words and deeds are being closely monitored. Pakistan is known all over the world as the Islamic Republic and religion is the identity of our country. Then our rulers should think that they have the power to make all the decisions of the country and also the representatives of the nation. They are faithful to their religious traditions all over the world. Therefore, rulers should understand that one of their good deeds can make the whole nation proud. In the same way, one of their deeds will make the whole nation bow its head.

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