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Explosion in Iran’s Nuclear Facility Opens up Another Round of Conspiracies



A terrible explosion at a nuclear power plant in Iran has caused a fire in a part of the plant which resulted in severe damage to the building.

According to the International News Agency, a mysterious explosion has taken place in Iran’s central nuclear plant, in the part of the factory where the new centrifuges were made. A fire broke out in this part of the building after the blast.

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Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization has also released a photo of the part of the nuclear plant that appears to be on fire, but they have not said anything about the damage caused by the explosion and fire.

Iranian officials say an investigation is underway to determine the nature and cause of the blast. There is also a risk of an element of terrorism, but nothing can be said definitively. The centrifuges department of the nuclear plant was recently inaugurated.

It should be noted that the United States had accused Iran of building new centrifuges at the central nuclear plant that would be used to make atomic bombs and therefore imposed sanctions on Iran.

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A conspiracy theory is circulating on social media that the USA deliberately caused this incident to sabotage Iran’s further progress in the nuclear arena.

Iranian officials said that the investigation has been started to determine the cause of the fire and identify the real perpetrator behind this horrific incident.

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