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Inside View of Corona Wards in Government Hospitals of Pakistan [Video]



After the outbreak of Coronavirus in our country, the biggest challenge was to find a way to treat and prevent it. Most people in our society believe that the time of death cannot be changed and no one can prevent it.

It was very difficult to defeat the epidemic with such behavior but our doctors and paramedical staff fought the epidemic with great diligence. As a result, out of more than 225,200 cases so far, more than 125,000 people have been able to defeat the virus.

A reporter and cameraman of the Peshawar bureau of a private TV channel contracted the coronavirus and fortunately managed to defeat it, after which they decided to encourage the doctors and paramedical staff working in the corona ward and also to satisfy the affected people by the facilities of such wards. Permission was granted to show and convey the interior views of these wards to the audience.

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According to details, the ward allotted for Corona at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar has also been divided into different sections such as Green Zone and Red Zone. You need to wear PPE to go to the red zone.

This was followed by scenes from the ICU where patients are being treated with special care. A young man with a patient said his father was being treated. He said that before coming to the hospital, he used to hear all sorts of rumors that various injections were given that cause death of corona patients, but nothing like that is happening.

According to the young man, his father has been undergoing treatment for 9 days after which his condition is much better than before.

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Doctors said that they are taking care of the patients day and night. The paramedical staff is also working in 12-hour shifts and efforts are being made to protect the patients and their families from the virus as much as possible.

The female doctor in the ward said that in the early days she was afraid to work in the ward but now that people are recovering and returning, she is no longer afraid to come here.

The private TV journalist also paid tribute to the doctors on behalf of the nation and praised their courage in risking their lives to treat patients.

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