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Imran Khan Sir: Do we have the Permission to Cry Now ?

imran khan cry

When I saw my Sui gas bill price it was 4220Rs. I was curious that how it happened as we are only a family of three members. To investigate the query I asked other family members and my neighbors, and all of them were complaining that their gas bill price was unexpected. I got stunned when I examined the bill as the unit reading on the bill was 0.000. I was in a shocking situation stun and to overcome my pathetic situation I drew the previous month’s bill and I was surprised to see that it was 2800Rs only. What the government did was, they took the final amount of the previous month and added all the taxes and sent the bill to the users. It was a clear message to me that within a year the price of the gas hiked up by 50%. That was a grim situation for me, as I calculated, a huge amount of money is taken from the pockets of the public.

The price of wheat and sugar has also surged up. It was revealed in the report that the factory owners have earned billions of rupees, but the question here is that how is this even possible without the permission of the provincial government? How it was possible to sell the sugars in the market? The report also revealed that some ministers and bureaucrats were also involved in the whole scenario.

The prime minister of Pakistan should change his portfolio of ‘justice’ because not a single minister or bureaucrat was suspended or held responsible. Where is the true accountability which the PM Imran Khan has promised us before elections? Why the government is not taking any action against those who were responsible for the corruption in sugar and wheat and why the money hasn’t been recovered yet?

Morally, in the current distress situation, the prices of sugars and wheat should be decreased on the original prices or even less but it didn’t happen.

Another issue is that the cabinet has passed a bill that the amount of television fee, in the electricity bill, will increase from next month and it will be from 35 to 100Rs. It will be an extra burden of billions of rupees on the pockets of the public.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has collected aid from the international institutions and overseas organizations and if that amount is being distributed among poor people continuously for the next 2 to 3 months, we can control the financial distress situation. But the question is where is the tiger force? The Ehsas program has been launched by the government but as far as I can see it is only to score political points rather than achieve any milestone. The prices of daily groceries have risen but the government did not take stern actions.

Except for our foreign policy, all the policies that link with our domestic issues are failing and it is not due to the incompetency of the Prime Minister but due to the ineligibility of his team. Other countries accept your foreign policies’ practices if that is in their interest too. Only a few countries have raised the issue of Kashmir on the international arena. We had to put pressure on OIC countries to standup with Pakistan on Kashmir and FATF issues. After all the sacrifices Pakistan made on the war of terror, we haven’t got any support from international society on the issue of Kashmir. We have warned the world about the nuclear program but the Indian fascist and butcher prime minister didn’t take it seriously and continuously measuring the steps to contain Kashmir. It seems our foreign policy has failed in the matter of Kashmir. The Afghan peace process is in the hands of Donald Trump, who has no credibility. The foreign policy of the Pakistan government is open to mediate from the side of the Taliban.

On the other hand, the inflation rate rose, the unemployment rate increased, interest rate surged up, industries closed down, cut off in the medical aid, increase in the billing and television fees, increasing the fare of the metro, increase in the prices of groceries and external debt is rose to $111 billion. Current Account deficit decline due to the bailout package from the IMF. The FBR chairman has resigned due to the failure in achieving the target revenue.

It is said that our exports have increased but our currency devalued. How much government is serious to increase the production of crops and other items? Surely, the government cannot do so or the mafia is not gonna let that happen.

Many prime ministers across the world have shed tears for their public due to coronavirus outbreak and if I may say that every person in the world is whipping and crying then it is true because this is a grim and pathetic situation in which the world is overwhelming. But the question is that how much steps the existing government has taken to combat it.

The federal and provincial governments are in confrontation with the lockdown decision. Every province is taking decisions of its own. Although the 18 amendments had empowered the provinces, this was the time to build a consensus for the greater good. It shows a lack of planning and management.

The prime minister of Pakistan has launched programs to aid the public. It is a good step but where is it spending? That aid is for the people of Pakistan but the government is using it to gain political points. As we have seen in the floods and earthquake in Muzaffarabad, foreign aid had been used to promote the political advertisement of the government. Nawaz sharif’s project ‘Qarz utaro Mulk sawaro’, but he filled his belly and purchased the apartments in London and Jeddah from that money. In the same way, the present government has been given a huge amount of aid by international organizations and countries to spend on the public but we are already hearing corruption scandals in the distribution of the money.

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