تاریخMay 29, 2020

Imran Khan has Advised the Youngsters to Read this Book

Khalid Talat

It seems like Imran Khan has adopted the role of an educator for the young generation of Pakistan. From time to time Imran Khan provides guidance to our youth in order to inculcate the true spirit of our religion in them. Due to the recent lockdown, the whole nation is in quarantine waiting and praying for the end of the distressful condition caused by the Coronavirus.

To utilize the free time in quarantine more efficiently, Imran Khan advised the youngsters to read “Lost Islamic History” by Faris Alkhateeb. This is a fascinating book that covers the whole Islamic history from the pre-Islam era until the decline of the Islamic Empire. This book is a journey that shows us the principles that were adopted by the Muslim rules that enabled them to rule for many decades and the causes that resulted in their decline. The youngsters must read this book in order to be familiar with the Islamic History.

Download the Book: Click Here

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