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80+ Most Important Essays & Articles (All in One)



1. China’s Economic Revolution & World Power Politics

China, our closest neighbor and a longtime strategic ally, is fast emerging as a world power. Where forty years ago there was famine, stagnation, poverty, and backwardness and today it is the second-largest economy of the world today. The strongest possibility … Continue Reading 

2. How Modi is being used in the Superpower Politics?

The fanatical Indian Prime Minister Modi is reluctant to remember the mistake made by his country in the 1962 Sino-Indian war. Modi is about to repeat the mistakes made by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on China’s strategy, as he relied heavily on the advice … Continue Reading 

3. Why Pakistan’s Banking Services Considered Among the Worst Systems?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Governor of the State Bank and other senior government officials often state that the use of cash in the economy is very high. Like previous governments, this government has the first desire to document the economy as … Continue Reading

4. Negligence to Allied Health Workers Lead to the Worsening of our Health Care System

The health sector has been neglected in the country for years. All governments have made claims of progress in this area, but the Corona epidemic has exposed all these claims. With each passing day, the health sector is getting worse and worse, due … Continue Reading

5. Secularism, Minority Rights & Rise of Indian Fascism

For a thousand years, the Muslims ruled the subcontinent and they fully protected the rights of minorities and ensured the protection of their places of worship. India’s history is replete with such shining examples that Muslim rulers rebuilt Hindu temples and other religious  … Continue Reading

6. China-Iran Strategic Agreement & its impact on the Changing Geopolitical Alliances

A few days ago today, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif indicated that a 25-year partnership agreement with China had been finalized. Coincidentally, eighteen pages of the final copy of the agreement were immediately released to the media. If these pages are real, then this … Continue Reading

7. How Media House Owners are Exploiting Small Workers?

In recent times, the media is going through a strange situation in which workers are being exploited by their employers. Sometimes the salaries are paid late, sometimes the salaries are kept down for 2-3 months, sometimes the salaries are cut, sometimes the workers are … Continue Reading

8. Shocking Details of Perks & Privileges That Army Officers Enjoy

Investigations into the legal and illegal assets, corruption and black money of politicians in Pakistan have been going on in every era. But this is the first time in recent times that the assets of a sitting judge and then a retired army officer have been the subject of much … Continue Reading

9. Tiktok is an Epicenter of Obscenity, Nudity & Cyber-Crime Activities

There was a time when public access in Pakistan was limited to PTV broadcasts and newspapers. With the rise of media freedom and technology, the number of channels has increased. There are some reservations on these channels but after a little noise, PEMRA … Continue Reading

10. Finally! Government Approved a bill Against Domestic Child Labor

Child labor is a bitter truth of our society. Many innocent little children become the victim of it. Now it’s become a part of Pakistani culture. There is no recent study conducted on child domestic workers in Pakistan due to which we cannot estimate the exact number of … Continue Reading

11. Democracy: A system of Oppression & Deprivation

The biggest betrayal that occurred in this century by the west to the world is called democracy. In the history of the world, great deceivers have come and deceived naive human beings, but the greatest deception given to the people in human history is democracy … Continue Reading

12. Transgenders: A Downtrodden Section of our Society

Transgenders are the most exploited section of our society. People make fun of them, insult them, make obscene remarks about them, treat them badly. After treating them in every horrible way, society considers them as the root of evil. Transgenders are a section of … Continue Reading

13. Top Reasons for Failure in CSS Examination

If you have done a BA or BSc and also good at studying, then you must take the CSS exam. This is not just like any other exam but among the toughest exams in Pakistan. All that is needed is hard work and dedication. If we let go of the fear of failure, success will follow in our … Continue Reading

14. How ‘Wuhan Model’ can help in Overcoming COVID-19 Devastation?

The city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus in the world, has emerged victorious after a long and patient struggle. Leading media outlets around the world, including the Pakistani media, made headlines on April 8 over the end of the lockdown in Wuhan and … Continue Reading

15. The Reality of ‘Shining India’ & Genocide of Muslims

What kind of hatred is this that seems to be growing day by day and not coming to an end? There is only one nation that is being targeted and all kinds of oppression are being inflicted on this nation. Small and big businesses, which are the fruit of a common man’s lifelong  … Continue Reading

16. India is facing Isolation due to its Extreme Policies

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that India is becoming more and more isolated in the world. India is facing failures at the global level due to its extreme policies that resulted in its isolation. Talking to media, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said … Continue Reading

17. Government Introduced ‘Civil Servant Rules 2020’ to Get Rid of Corrupt Bureaucrats

The Civil Servant Rules 2020 came to get corrupt officials out of the bureaucracy. According to which the rules of retirement after 20 years of service have been formulated  Now every officer will have a mandatory performance check on the completion of 20 years of service … Continue Reading

18. Trump imposed New Sanctions on China

US President Donald Trump has signed a law approving tougher sanctions against China. According to the World News Agency, tensions between the United States and China have escalated and rival countries are pushing ahead with sanctions. A recent example is … Continue Reading

19. Arab Spring, Palestine Issue, Zionist Agendas & Global Power Politics in the Middle East

On December 18, 2010, Mohammed Abu Azizi, a highly educated young man in Tunisia, started selling fruits on a handcart after failing to get a government job due to a lack of ‘reasonable recommendation’ despite being on merit. Police not only stopped the young man … Continue Reading

20. COVID-19 Reshaping the Economy, Globalization & the New World Order

According to Henry Kissinger, a former US Secretary of State and a world leader in the field of diplomacy, the world after the global epidemic will be a “different” world, and the current “world order” will be transformed. If we look at the current devastation of the COVID-19, his … Continue Reading

21. Budget 2020: a Curse or a Blessing for the Poor?

The majority of the population of our country belongs to the middle and poor class, and some work during the day to bring food for their family in the evening. People who work in factories spend the whole month borrowing goods from nearby shops, and as soon as they get paid, the … Continue Reading

22. Post-Corona World Order: Cooperation or Escalation?

The biggest challenge for most of us in today’s world is how to protect ourselves and our families from the Corona epidemic and to secure our livelihoods. On the other hand, policymakers, think tanks, and authorities are looking for policies … Continue Reading

23. Why India is so Afraid of Kashmiris? Will Kashmir be the End of Modi and RSS?

Why India has imprisoned Kashmiris? Why is India killing Kashmiri youth? Why is India seeking genocide of Kashmiris? Why is India spreading panic among Kashmiris? Why is India increasing its military … Continue Reading

24. The Decline & Restoration of the Muslim Nation

The Creator of the universe has created all human beings equally in this world. Some may have a birth defect but most are physically and mentally fit. The man who was created equally by the Lord of the Universe … Continue Reading

25. Pakistan’s Political System has Lost its Credibility in the Public

In any level of business, goodwill or credibility is very important, and verbal deals worth millions of rupees are done based on goodwill alone. In the same way, goodwill or trust is very important in the business … Continue Reading

26. Propaganda Against our Armed Forces on Social Media

Before the 2018 elections, discussions were going on about the PTI party elections in Pakistan. In a private TV program, the host bombarded Shah Mehmood Qureshi with sharp questions regarding the … Continue Reading

27. How and Why Media is Inculcating COVID-19 Related Fear in the Public? (A Detail Analysis)

Very few of us may have realized that the media in the name of Corona has instantly uprooted not only our religious values ​​and ideologies but also our social values. Until yesterday, as a student, I had … Continue Reading

28. Sindh has been Turned into a Slaughterhouse for Women

A 24-year-old girl, Waziran Chachhar, was allegedly brutally murdered in Wada Chhachhar village Jamshoro district of Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. According to area residents, the girl was stoned to death after … Continue Reading

29. COVID-19 Impacts on Environment – Positive or Negative?

Where the Coronavirus has caused a catastrophe in the world and caused thousands of deaths, it has also benefited the environment greatly. Due to the outbreak, all the major industries of the world have stopped their manufacturing units that decreased the amount of Green House Gases in the atmosphere … Continue Reading

30. Decline of American Imperialism and Rise of A New World Order

Donald Trump blamed the World Health Organization (WHO) for incompetence, as he said that the US will decide whether to continue paying its contributions to such organizations or not. It is not the first time that Donald Trump criticized an international institution. Scholars argue that Trump is a capitalist with a fascist dictatorial … Continue Reading

31. Women Condition in Pakistan – Reality with Facts & Figures

In Dec 2019, World Economic Forum (WEF) published the Gender-Equality Index (GEI) in which Pakistan ranked 151 out of 153. This shows a downfall from the previous ranking of 112 in 2006. The report shows the discrimination against women in almost all the spheres of life, which includes education, health, politics, and … Continue Reading

32. Is COVID-19 a Threat For the Future of Globalization?

Globalization is a process of interconnection and integration of the economy, politics, culture, and transfer of technology among people across the border. People can do jobs or invest in any corner of the world with free will. Countries exchange their technologies, culture, and political views under the umbrella of globalization … Continue Reading

33. Why Kashmir is Inevitable For Pakistan and India?

Advocating Kashmiri people is inevitable for Pakistan. Although both resembles a religious perspective and if we analyze historically, East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, was also twinned in religious customs. Basically, it is not the religion or politics that makes the relationship important but rather a geographical location that compels … Continue Reading

34. Food Transition – Cause of Pandemic Obesity

We often hear our parents or grandparents talk about how the food back in the old days was healthier. Whether its fruits, vegetables, meat, or dairy products, everything was fresh and full of energy. Unfortunately, food nutrition has changed immensely and this drastic change has affected human health … Continue Reading

35. Can Bretton Woods System save the economy of the world Amid Convid-19?

Due to the Corona pandemic, the global economy is in a lurch. There is an imminent threat of recession of the economy across the world. The production of China has shrunk by almost 14 percent amid coronavirus. The domestic resources of countries are insufficient to divert the risk due to a depressing economy … Continue Reading

36. The Dark Side of “Capitalism” & 5 Reasons to Eliminate it From the World

After the end of the cold war and the disintegration of the USSR, liberal thoughts have dominated the whole world. Liberalism seemed to be the only solution for the prosperity of humanity. Liberalism is a wide concept that covers almost all the sphere of our system. Liberalism promotes democracy as a political system, capitalism … Continue Reading

37. 13 Reasons That Why Some Countries Prosperous While the others Stagnate

When we look around the world, we see that some countries are prosperous while others are poor.  The world is divided into three segments, developed, developing, and undeveloped states. Why few countries are making technological advancement, strengthening their military power, dominating the world … Continue Reading

38. The Death of the Universe but How? – Expansion and Contraction phenomena

After our demise, the universe may exist for the next billions of years. In the end, the Sun will wrap the Earth and then ultimately become dead after using its fuel, like many galaxies have died and turned into black bodies. But the question is that what will be the future of the Universe? Either it lives forever or not. If it didn’t … Continue Reading

39. Is the Afghan peace process under threat Due to Corona and Why India is Happy about it?

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Afghan peace process is in a stalemate. It is not the first time that the Afghan peace process is endangered; indeed, Obama’s administration to Trump’s administration has tried to take the initiative on the peace process but failed. As it is the trump’s slogan “America First” and his … Continue Reading

40. The Hidden Reality Behind the Collapse of America’s Oil prices

The plummeting in the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) US crude oil, one of its biggest contractors of oil, has set a new record. It lost almost 305% of its value to reach -$35/barrel. It is mainly because the previous contract expired on 21 April, and no one is willing to buy more oil as all the factories, airlines, heavy … Continue reading

41. Was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan a Pro-British or Pro-Muslim?

There is a debate going now on various forums whether Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a pro-British or not. This is an ancient debate, and people on both sides have the evidence to back it up. After analyzing the points of both sides, it is clear that the allegations on Sir Syed for being a pro-British are false … Continue Reading

43. Islamophobia and Challenges to Western Democracies (A Detail Analysis)

Islamophobia has emerged as one of the most unfortunate realities of the 21st century. Muslims across the world have been subject to the worst forms of discrimination and terrorism because of their religion. The menace of Islamophobia is widening the gap between the Muslim communities … Continue Reading

44. How Covid-19 Resulted in the Increase of Domestic Violence Against Women

Due to the distressful situation amid Covid-19, the whole world is currently under quarantine. People are afraid to go outside and governments have imposed lockdowns and curfews all over the world. All the spheres of life have been affected badly by this pandemic, but females are … Continue Reading

45. Pakistan’s Informal Economy: The Way Forward (Strategies to Change the Status of Informal Economy)

The informal economy refers to the undocumented economy that is not on government record. The state cannot monitor such type of economy since it is not listed on the official account. According to the statistics of the World Bank, about 36% of Pakistan’s economy is undocumented … Continue Reading

46. India and China on a Brink of War – How Recent Clashes can Destroy the Indian Economy?

Recent clashes between the Indian Army and the Chinese People Liberation Army have disturbed the peace of the whole region. The world is already suffering from deadly Coronavirus, and it cannot bear the confrontations between two nuclear powers. The whole situation escalated due to the unresolved … Continue Reading

47. Is Pakistan Ready For a Digital Revolution? (Prospects & Hurdles)

Digitalization is a new reality of the modern era. Due to the advancement of technology, all the sphere of our life become digitalized. Countries all over the world are adopting new computerize ways to ease the life of their public. Through digitalization, states can provide better are speedy services to their citizens … Continue Reading

48. New War Fronts Lie in Economic Zones (Various Worldwide Conflicts Explained)

The present era has changed its paradigm from military strength to economic power. The economy became a weapon of warfare to defeat rivals, without being involved in a direct war. The new mode of war is to capture the markets and natural resources of your rivals. The world has understood that traditional wars … Continue Reading

49. Global Power Dynamics and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy

19th century has witnessed a multipolar order of the world, where, European powers were dominating world affairs. England, France, Germany, Russia, etc, had a powerful military and exceedingly growing economy. Due to the imperialistic approach of European powers, most of the world was under their control … Continue Reading

50. Hydro-Politics among Asian Powers

Water politics or hydro politics is an emerging theatre of conflicts in Asia, especially in Southern Asia. As the ex-vice president of the World Bank forecasted that many wars of the 20th century were fought for oil, but wars in the 21st century will be over water. With time, the scarcity of water is rampant due to various … Continue Reading

51. The United States and Britain should Refrain from interfering in Hong Kong – China

China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, has called on the United States and Britain to immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs, straightaway ends the politics of supremacy and power, ignite tensions and create problems everywhere. Zhang Jun denies the misconceptions … Continue Reading

52. The Global Oil Controversy: Facts and Background

The coronavirus, which started in December last year in Wuhan, China, has wreaked havoc around the world. According to conservative estimates, the epidemic has so far affected about 6.5 million people and killed almost 380,000 people. The world is currently in double trouble. On the one hand … Continue Reading

53. China’s Poverty Alleviation Efforts: Facts & Policies

Globally, the coronavirus is seriously affecting economic and social development, and experts believe that the process of economic recovery may take a long time to deal with the crisis. Unemployment, poverty, and other social and psychological problems are arising all over the world while all hopes … Continue Reading

54. Who Played Role in the Destruction of Pakistan Steel Mill?

Rauf Klasra said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan had intervened in the privatization of Pakistan Steel Mills in 2006 and stopped the government from selling the company. Pervez Musharraf had left Pakistan Steel Mills at a profit of Rs. 9 billion, but as soon as the PPP government came, it … Continue Reading

55. Is Coronavirus an International Conspiracy & its Impacts on Economic and Social Life

Shortly after the arrival of the coronavirus, a never-ending series of messages on social media began to circulate. The messages said the coronavirus is a conspiracy by foreign powers. One of the aims of this virus is to reduce the world’s population. Interestingly, the governments, against which … Continue Reading

56. What Should be the Top Priorities of Governments Post-Coronavirus?

A unique virus, also known as the coronavirus, appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. It immediately engulfed the entire world. Pakistan’s first coronavirus case came out in February. The virus has affected about 90,000 people in the country so far. Moreover, 1900 people have lost … Continue Reading

57. Reasons and Background of Recent Indo-China Border Conflicts

The border dispute between India and China over Ladakh and its adjoining areas is nothing new. The two countries also fought a war in 1962 over these border disputes. But it is also a fact that despite the existence of these border disputes, not a single bullet has been fired between the two countries … Continue Reading

58. Divide & Rule Hindu-Muslim Politics in India Weakened the Country

The Indian vlogger said that political parties have weakened India so much by making Indians fight among themselves, and by practicing Hindu-Muslim divide and rule politics. Now India became so weak that China and Nepal are ready to fight us. In his video on YouTube, Indian vlogger blamed his government for the tension in Ladakh between India … Continue Reading

59. Who is Responsible for the Moral Degradation of our Society?

It has become a tradition in our society that people consider themselves innocent of all morals by calling the government bad, which should not be the case at all. Everyone from our federal ministers to the wheelbarrows have become immoral. Everyone has their own concerns, and they don’t hesitate on doing the greatest harm to others for their own benefit … Continue Reading

60. Nepal-India Territorial Conflict Explained: Facts & Background

Nepal is a small country in India’s neighborhood whose few territories which have been illegally occupied by India. Nepal has turned into a troubled country in the region of Tibet due to Indian domination. Now loud voices are coming from within this country. They demand that either India should be given a blunt answer. Or this war should be ended and … Continue Reading

61. American Newspaper Unveiled the Failed Policies of Modi Government Regarding COVID-19

The New York Times has revealed that patients with the coronavirus infection in India are dying on the sidewalks, in the corridors of hospitals and ambulances, and they are not being heard. According to the details, the American newspaper New York Times said in its article that despite the lockdown, India failed to stop the spread … Continue Reading

62. Why the Current Scenario in Afghanistan is so Complex?

On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, the Taliban declared a three-day ceasefire.  The Afghanistan government welcomed this and in good faith announced the release of 2,000 Taliban prisoners. 710 prisoners have been released so far. The total number of Taliban released in this way is 2700. The Taliban also released 73 government prisoners during Eid … Continue Reading

63. Cynthia Ritchie Complete Story: Background & Facts

Senior journalist Imran Khan gave full details about the background of Cynthia Ritchie. Cynthia is an American citizen who made serious allegations against the senior leadership of the PPP. Imran Khan said that Cynthia hails from Texas, USA, and obtained her law degree from Louisiana State University in 2003. Cynthia Ritchie also obtained master’s degrees in … Continue Reading

64. Modi Policies Failed Miserably regarding Covid-19 – Thousands of Deaths and Economic Meltdown

The Financial Times wrote in its report that with 7500 deaths, India has become the worst region in the world. Foreign media slammed Modi’s lockdown policies. It wrote that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi brutally locked down the country on March 24. When the number of corona patients was only 500. As the economy began to collapse, he … Continue Reading

65. Covid-19 further Aggravated the Plight of Women in Pakistan

The UN Secretary-General took to Twitter to draw attention to the escalating domestic violence around the world following the coronavirus. After COVID-19, such incidents escalated not only in developing countries (where either domestic violence laws do not exist at all and even if they are, their implementation is weak due to social pressures) but … Continue Reading

66. Economy Comparison b/w PTI & PMLN in Detail

On the one hand, the economic policies of the government are criticized by the opposition political forces, but if we look at the early period of the PML-N government and the 21 months of the PTI government, it is clear that the current government Pakistan’s economy has improved. Whether it is foreign direct investment, exports, remittances … Continue Reading

67. Indo-China Conflict & the Role of America

At a time when the whole world is busy controlling COVID-19, the long-running border dispute between the world’s two most populous and nuclear-armed countries, India and China, has intensified. The disputed Himalayan border region has been the scene of recent skirmishes between Indian and Chinese forces. Including the exchange of fists. It also added … Continue Reading

68. China vs Pakistan – Difference of National Attitude amid COVID-19

A total of 20 million people have been tested for corona in the past month in Wuhan, China, but none of them tested positive. Assess China’s capabilities as a country and nation, which in such a short period of time has easily persuaded and completed the test of millions of citizens. The second is to provide the necessary resources and equipment for such … Continue Reading

69. Pakistani Leaders Should Change their Attitude for the Betterment of the Nation

The public is currently being suffering from coronavirus. The number of cases is increasing day by day. In the early days of the epidemic, our rulers bravely opposed the lockdown and provided emergency relief to the poor. Some departments were filled to the brim, some were given a few grains at their feet. Today the world is coming out of lockdown and … Continue Reading

70. COVID-19 & its Effects on the ‘Balance of Power’

In January and February of this year, there was great rejoicing in US foreign policy circles that the Chinese Communist Party would now fall apart, as controlling the Coronavirus epidemic would not be enough for China. And it will lead to such an economic decline that it will not be possible for the Communist Party to sustain it. But as China took … Continue Reading

71. COVID-19, Economy & Colonial Mind-set of our Youth

COVID-19 has spread around the world. Fear is everywhere. Man is afraid of man. The colors of the markets have faded. Doctors and scientists are trying their best to break the epidemic but to no avail. COVID-19 is not just an epidemic, it has become a plague that is destroying the entire world economy. Whether it is developing countries or … Continue Reading

72. India’s Arrogance Shattered in Ladakh

“Ghar Mein Ghuss Kar Marain Ge” is a popular dialogue in Indian films. Indians have been using this dialogue for Pakistan but in reality, it has never happened. Whenever they tried to enter Pakistan, they were beaten. And not only by Pakistan but also from China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar as well. Take a look at the latest situation. The border dispute … Continue Reading

73. Violence Against Child Labor: Needs Effective Legislation

After the recent incident of violence and murder of an 8-year-old housemaid in Rawalpindi, a storm has broken out in the country once again. It feels like this time the girl’s parents will get justice and the killers of this innocent will reach their tragic end. But this is not the first time such an incident has taken place. Hundreds of such tragic incidents have … Continue Reading

74. Indo-Pak Conflict & Failures of United Nations

The United Nations has been established in the name of conflict resolution but has failed to meet its obligations. Conflicts between India and Pakistan continue in one form or another. Now the Indian government has expelled about half of the Pakistani diplomatic staff, in response to which Pakistan has expelled 50 Indian diplomatic staff from Pakistan … Continue Reading

75. Human Lives v/s Economy – Which Should be Given Priority? (Detail Analysis)

In most countries of the world, including Pakistan, other restrictions, including lockdown, have been eased due to the coronavirus. European countries, including the United States, have lifted sanctions to avoid further economic losses. Health experts from the same countries and the WHO are not encouraging immediate lifting of sanctions. Because … Continue Reading

76. Is America being isolated Globally?

It has been historically proven that all US administrations pursue an “America First” policy. The current US administration has not abandoned its traditional route but has put aside all diplomatic etiquette while traveling on this route. Over the past few years, we have seen several unilateral decisions in which the United States has largely ignored its closest allies … Continue Reading

77. This Picture Unveiled the Reality of Oppression by Indian Forces in Kashmir

India has transformed into a Bollywood movie set. Here, not only the color of reality is filled in the movies but also real life is made into such a movie that the viewer is left staring in amazement. It is as if this picture is being watched with astonishment all over the world in which not a trace of humanity can be found. Numerous Bollywood movies have … Continue Reading

78. Isn’t it the best Time for Books to Die with Dignity?

For many years our society has not seen any major problem. We had books and stories about World Wars, and movies never let that fantasy go. But as much as books and films will convince you, the truth is the truth anyway and it is also a fact that war, epidemic, famine or anything like that did not shake our society from its foundations … Continue Reading

79. The Oppression of Blacks in the American Society: Background & Horrifying Reasons

It is a crime to try to buy a cigarette by giving a fake note, but it is not so big as to take the life of an unarmed person. However, this is possible in the world’s only superpower. On the evening of May 25, a white police officer brutally murdered a black George Floyd for committing the same crime. George had been committing petty crimes in his youth … Continue Reading

80. Boycott Chinese Products Campaign in India – Who Will Suffer the Most?

India is trying to escalate tensions after a fierce clash between Chinese and Indian troops in the Galvan Valley on June 15. A campaign to boycott Chinese products is underway inside India. According to reports, Indian officials are also considering reducing or stopping trade with China. The question is if India does that, who will suffer? China or India … Continue Reading

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