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Human Lives v/s Economy – Which Should be Given Priority? (Detail Analysis)



In most countries of the world, including Pakistan, other restrictions, including lockdown, have been eased due to the coronavirus. European countries, including the United States, have lifted sanctions to avoid further economic losses. Health experts from the same countries and the WHO are not encouraging immediate lifting of sanctions. Because they still fear a second wave of epidemics, and at present, there is no significant reduction in the number of infected patients per day.

There is also the argument that saving human lives is more important than keeping the economy afloat. On the one hand, there is a developed country like the United States where millions of people have lost their jobs due to the epidemic, and on the other hand, Pakistan and other developing countries where their economies can no longer afford industrial stagnation. In such a situation, there is no other option but to end the lockdown. Jack Ma, the world’s leading social and business personality and founder of Alibaba, a world-renowned e-commerce company, has made a strong statement in recent days in the context of the ongoing devastation of the Coronavirus, in which he addressed businesses. “Survival of the human life is the biggest benefit this year,” he said. This is also true because if there is life, there is a world.

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Similarly, Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, who is also known for his philanthropic work, once said that when he was young, the biggest worrying disaster for him was nuclear war. But in the next few decades, if something kills more than a million people, he sees it as more dangerous than a nuclear war. Coronavirus is also plaguing the world at the moment.

Speaking of the devastation of the Covid-19, it can be described as a difficult test to awaken humanity from its slumber. One of the reasons for this is that in the past, in most countries of the world, the health sector was not given the importance it deserved or it was thought that in today’s world full of scientific progress and information technology, humanity can’t face the threat of an epidemic. Overconfidence has shown that today the whole world is forced to kneel before the COVID-19.

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The Coronavirus has taught us the lesson that in the age of globalization, the virus or epidemic is not limited to one country, region, or geography, but can affect every country. Controlling the epidemic of one country is certainly a success, but no country will win until the virus is eradicated from all countries of the world. Because the threat of the epidemic continues to loom large. Therefore, a strong public health system in every country is in the interest of all countries.

At the beginning of the Coronavirus, the US President said that he has the best medical experts and scientists in the world who can deal with any such situation, but look at the irony of nature that today America has become the largest country in the world infected with the virus. And the US president also not been able to save his presidential palace, the White House, from being infected with the virus, so it will be a matter of practical steps, not words.

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The question is how to end the epidemic? Especially at a time when WHO experts have warned that the coronavirus is not going to eliminate soon and that humanity will have to get used to living with it right now, just as HIV / AIDS is rampant in our society today.

There is no doubt that global cooperation is the basis on which the epidemic can be controlled. We learned that the virus does not discriminate based on nationality, color, race, or sex. It can target everyone, rich, poor, young, and old, so it is the responsibility of developed countries to prioritize the development of the health sector in developing and backward countries. Doing so is in their interest as falling oil prices, poverty, inflation, rising unemployment, the decline of the aviation industry, the global recession and the sharp decline in major economies reflect the importance of the “global village”. Global multinational companies will produce products but they also need consumers and things will be bought only when conditions are favorable.

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Similarly, the importance of the scientific development of the medical field has also become more apparent. Lack of protective clothing for medical devices, especially for medical staff, has caused many problems. This has not received much attention in the past. That is why the lack of masks, ventilators, medical clothing and other paraphernalia at the onset of the epidemic made the whole world think that although complete self-sufficiency is not possible, every country must have the resources to deal with an emergency.

It is also worrying that according to the WHO, by 2035, there will be a shortage of about 30 million professional medical professionals worldwide. In this regard, telehealth and artificial intelligence also need to be considered keeping in view the future needs. But at the same time, in countries like Pakistan, areas like availability of medical resources, promotion of science and research, and manufacture of medical devices should be given more importance, as the acquisition of technology or rapid transition to modern technology is not so easy at present.

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Public attitudes are also important for the protection of human lives. The public’s adherence to “health-friendly” principles is certainly the most important factor in preventing an epidemic. During the lockdown around the world, it was observed that the majority of the people cooperated with the governments.

After the current serious epidemic situation in Pakistan and the easing of the lockdown, the turn of the people to the markets and the crowded scenes are by no means welcome. The money set aside for new clothes and shoes can be used to provide rations for a home, to pay for a child’s fees, or to help a deserving person and his family in this devastating situation.

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The World Needs to Learn From Pakistan’s Efforts to Deal with Corona, President UN General Assembly



UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir has said that the world needs to learn from Pakistan’s efforts to deal with Corona. During a press conference with UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the meeting with Volkan Bozkir was pleasant. On this occasion, we briefed him on measures to deal with Corona, Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to Afghanistan, and human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

Volkan Bozkir said that he is happy to come to Pakistan, Pakistan hosted him in the best possible way. Pakistan is an important member of the UN General Assembly and Pakistan’s role in bringing peace to the region is commendable.

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He discussed important issues with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and also met Prime Minister Imran Khan today. Prime Minister Imran Khan briefed about the situation in Occupied Kashmir and he was impressed by the views of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Tackling the coronavirus is a challenge for countries around the world. Pakistan has fought this global epidemic in the best possible way. The world needs to learn from Pakistan’s efforts to deal with corona,” Bozkir said.

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Imran Khan’s Victory over Profiteers – Billions of Rupees are Lost by the Mafia



Journalist Imran Riaz said that there are some people in Pakistan who are forced to live below the poverty line but there are also some people who belong to wealthy families but they are the ones who are abusing Prime Minister Imran Khan from a long time. They are using abusive language for Prime Minister Imran Khan only because they are used to make money in Pakistan through illegal means, and for these people, Prime Minister Imran Khan has proven to be unlucky.

“I was very happy to see when a man who is causing damage to Pakistan gets ruined,” he said. In the last few days, many people have been ruined who wanted to earn profit through illegal means. For example, N95 mask which is said to be a very good mask against COVID-19, was suddenly perished from the market by profiteers in Pakistan and the same mask was sold in black to make huge profits, even though its price had reached Rs 2,000, but now the same mask is available in the market for only Rs 150.

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He said that as the cases of Coronavirus increased in Pakistan, the price of hand sanitizers increased and it was sold in the black market for high prices. Profiteering mafia stockpiles massive hand sanitizers to make a profit in the future, but due to the decrease in the Corona cases, there are no buyers to buy it now. The profiteering mafia is facing severe losses at the moment.

“I am very happy with the news that contrary to the estimates of international organizations, the spread of the coronavirus in Pakistan has stopped, which is a piece of bad news for illegal profiteers because they purchased Corona related goods worth billions. The medicines are now available in the market at low rates, thanks to some necessary steps taken by the government. The availability of medicines in the market is good news for the poor but devastating news for the profiteers,” he said.

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Govt has Decided to Ease the Lockdown Conditions in these Sectors



The federal government further eased the lockdown and announced the gradual opening of businesses including restaurants, entertainment venues, and wedding halls.

A meeting of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Development and Planning Asad Umar to consider the situation of Corona epidemic in the country.

Later, in a media briefing, Asad Omar said that the Corona epidemic in the country has decreased and the situation has improved considerably. The decision to reopen the educational institutions on September 15 was upheld at the NCOC meeting. At the same time, the government has decided to soften the lockdown and open more departments.

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Asad Omar said that from August 8 (Saturday) tourist places and hotels, while from Monday, August 10, public parks, entertainment venues, expo halls, beauty parlors, shrines, religious places, cinemas, theaters, gyms, clubs, Hotels, cafes, and restaurants will be opened where dining in will be allowed.

Asad Umar further said that road transport, railways, airlines are also being restored as per normal, all restrictions on them are being lifted. However, standing in metro services and buses will not be allowed while traveling, while it has been decided to allow dual passengers on motorbikes.

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The Federal Minister said that the working hours of the markets are also being restored as per normal and all the markets are being allowed to open according to the old system, punctuality and weekend restrictions are being abolished for them.

Asad Omar said that sports in which there is no physical contact will also be allowed from August 10. Kabaddi, wrestling, rugby are still banned but other sports are now allowed, but spectators will not be allowed.

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