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How Taiwan Controlled over the Covid-19 without imposing any Lockdown?

Khalid Talat

Covid-19 is increasing rapidly in the world, and almost all the countries are affected by it. Due to the Coronavirus, all the economic, social, and political activities have halted. Developed counties are ones affected the most with this deadly virus. The death toll is increasing immensely, and it is predicted by the officials, that almost 20 million people can become a victim by this pandemic.

While all the countries are fighting the Coronavirus by imposing the curfews, lockdowns, quarantines, etc Taiwan has defeated the virus without any lockdown. According to a report, Taiwan is one of those countries, where no new cases reported from the past two weeks. A total of 429 corona cases were reported in Taiwan, of which only six died.

Schools, colleges, and shops were all open in Taiwan. The country’s economic activities continued, sports competitions continued but without spectators. Taiwan was the first country to suspend air operations from Wuhan. Taiwan had taken action to tackle the virus before any other country took it seriously.

The only thing the Taiwanese did was strictly following the instructions and rules imposed by their government. They were wearing masks, managing social distancing, cleaning hands regularly, etc. They were following all the necessary directives instructed by their state. By these simple steps, they overcame the situation speedily.

Why This Country is a Coronavirus Hero.

No lockdown! No local outbreak.No panic.This story is almost too good to be true, but it's true.Watch this video…trust me, you'll be inspired. Special thanks to #team26980 for making this video possible! I am inspired by your initiative!

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