تاریخMay 29, 2020

How Our Mobile Phones are the Biggest Spying Tool For Secret Agencies?

Khalid Talat

Have you ever thought about why you see advertisements that are relevant to your interests, while you are browsing on the internet? Why you receive notifications from google or other applications to review or rate places that you recently visited? And why you constantly view promotions and advertisements similar to your taste while you are using Google, Facebook, or other social media apps? It happened to us thousands of times, but we haven’t noticed it. The main question is, how is it even possible? The simple answer is that Google, Facebook, and various other social media companies using our smartphones to spy on us. That is, our privacy is not in our hands anymore.

While with the advent of smartphones, we are in touch with the world through social media, but at the same time, these phones are the biggest spying tool for companies, which we keep with us all the time. It can not only spy on us for others but in today’s modern age, it is doing so without our knowledge. Our smartphones are saving data of our locations, call recordings, photos, and locations in the form of attachments, which can be sent to any other server with the connection of GPS. According to IT experts, even if we turn off our GPS, the data is still stored on our phone, which will transfer when it reconnects to the GPS. The data can still be transmitted through mobile towers.

According to TheVerge report, most of the applications that we install in our smartphones not only can access locations, and other activities but also can access our storage, photos, personal notes, call recordings, etc. When we say “Hi” in google voice, it activates the audio and video recorder on our device that provides Google access to our phone.

Most of the social media companies admit, and it is a part of their policy that they are recording and using their users’ information for marketing purposes. Whenever we say something on the call or type something in the browser, social media companies use those keywords and start showing us with similar product ads. If we have said any product’s name in our call recordings, we begin to get notifications of relevant products. This is all because the companies are stealing our data for their gains.

Companies are not only using our data for marketing purposes, but they are also selling our private data to 3rd party media or government agencies to earn billions of dollars. These companies claim that their users’ data is safe with them and will not be used for any wrongful purposes, but the truth is that all of these companies are involved in the shady business of buying and selling their users’ private data. There have been many scandals in the recent past indicate that companies are selling our data to third parties.

In 2017, Google included in its policy to use the GPS of our smartphones to keep an eye on us, and if we can’t comply with this policy, we are free to leave the Android operating system. It is written in their policy that they have the right to access our data without any permission.

Government agencies are using our smartphones to spy on us. The secret agencies have the technology to access our smartphones’ data without our knowledge. They can even watch us live through the camera of our devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Smart cars are also coming in the market, after which it will be easier to keep an eye on everyone.

Edward Snowden revealed that the American government not only spying of their people through smartphones and other gadgets but also secretly stealing all the information, call recordings, photos, videos, etc. According to Edward, privacy is the fundamental right of the public, but the government and its secret agencies are destroying it. After these revelations, the government tried to bring Edward down, but he got out safely, and now compelled to take refuge in Russia. The government listed him in the top 10 most wanted persons of the world.

There is much evidence that shows that government agencies are spying on politicians, judges, journalists, and social activists through high-end software, which provides those agencies not only with all the personal data of every user but they can continuously spy on them. Secret agencies are using such data to analyze their rivals and eliminate them as a precautionary measure. Privacy is not in our control anymore, and secret agencies are seeing us all the time. There is no such thing left in the world as ‘private information’.

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