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Hezbollah on High Alert – Chief Nasrallah Warned Israel for Serious Consequences



Hezbollah has warned Israel that it could face “serious consequences” if it is involved in bombings in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Chief Hassan Nasrallah says he is awaiting the results of the investigation. If it is proved that Israel attacked the Beirut port, it will have to pay a heavy price.

He said two theories are under investigation about whether the Beirut bombings were an accident or sabotage caused by ammonium nitrate. Nasrullah said the possibility of sabotage was deliberate arson or the planting of a small bomb. Who could be behind the sabotage? And it could be Israel, which no one can deny.

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If it turns out that this was an act of sabotage by Israel, Hezbollah will respond. He said the entire Lebanese state must respond. If Israel commits this, it will have to pay the price.

Hezbollah rejects the call for a global investigation into the Beirut bombings. The blast near the northern city of Beirut has killed at least 154 people and injured more than 5,000. Israel has denied involvement in the attack.

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Hassan Nasrallah called for the formation of a new government in Lebanon through traditional political parties. On the other hand, after the Beirut bombings, the Lebanese Prime Minister resigned, calling it negligence and corruption, and his entire cabinet has also resigned. The Lebanese president, meanwhile, said investigators were considering negligence, an accident, or “outside interference”.

A Lebanese court source said the Lebanese prosecutor general had filed charges against 25 people, including senior port and customs officials.

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