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Fitness Industry Analysis in the Pandemic, what should be done next?



’Considering the impact of the pandemic on fitness businesses the full scale of the damage is still unknown. Depending on how long the crisis lasts, there is uncertainty over whether consumers will return to their old gym or continue with home services. If the latter continues, it would be a huge blow to gym chains. The pandemic brought a major shift to the fitness industry. The country’s lockdown could potentially last for months. Fitness providers will need to offer home-friendly services to avoid plummeting revenue. Right now, the government is encouraging people to keep think economically and keep healthy.

Fitness providers need to encourage home fitness services for the following reasons:

  • Lower Healthcare Costs – The situation itself is going to cost the economy millions. As the job market becomes unstable, many people are left in a state of worry and distress. By keeping fit at home, we reduce the risk of heart-related issues, keeping our economy and ourselves healthier and more financially stable while in recovery.
  • Stay Positive, Physically, and Mentally – The situation will also impact our mental health. Right now, we need everyone to remain calm, think positively, and make rational decisions. Keeping fit at home will maintain this mindset and reduce feelings of cabin fever – which can lead to issues such as anxiety and depression.
  • Immunity Levels– Keeping fit and healthy increases our immunity levels to help fight against the infection. There is a shortage of healthcare professionals and hospital beds. By having larger numbers resist the need for treatment, we can allow nurses and other healthcare professionals to focus more on the task at hand. This allows our healthcare workers to work to their best abilities and look after their own health.


Cycling and jogging are going to become a challenge with increasingly stricter lockdown measures, so working out at home will be a good alternative.  Home-friendly workouts like stair climbing and skipping to stay fit are better alternatives.

While in social isolation, keeping fit at home is essential for tackling anxiety and depression, but there is a variety of health-related reasons why this routine needs to be maintained. Spending long hours sitting around at home can lead to musculoskeletal and metabolic issues, decreasing our mobility, joint function, and increasing the issue of weight gain.

The easiest way for fitness businesses to ride this storm is to introduce home fitness apps.

Business to Business Marketing Measures to be taken in the Fitness Industry:

Apart from developing fitness apps, small fitness companies’ personal trainers are turning to social media platforms for fitness programs. The benefit of this is that it offers a ‘social’ angle to fitness against isolation and lockdown measures. A huge appeal for gyms is the social aspect, allowing members to feel connected to others in their fitness journey. Hence, using Facebook and Instagram is a great way to maintain this. It also significantly improves brand visibility.

Gyms, rather than self-employed personal trainers, will need to think more outside the box for recovering revenue. These businesses are still committed to commercial rental rates. Here are a few things that they can do:

  • Online Classes: The goal is to avoid member subscriptions defaulting. Members will want to see a bang for their buck – a service that matches the monthly rate they are paying. While in lockdown, gyms can have a designated member(s) of their team conduct online classes in a set space. A selected number of members can tune in at the same time. The number of participants should reflect the trainer’s ability to track each person, giving cues and feedback. Members still feel they getting quality service while enjoying the social aspect they experience at the gym.
  • Online Personal Training: Besides member subscriptions, you may have a subsequent amount of gym-goers contracted to additional services. Gyms will have to bargain with their members to find a happy medium for this service. Ideas would include switching all in-person sessions to online sessions – offering a few sessions on the house, or negotiating a price that members and staff can accept. Member subscriptions could be matched for a home fitness program designed, accompanied by an online personal training session per month. There are many ways to negotiate and persuade members why it’s vital to stay fit at home during the pandemic.
  • Promotions: Hopefully your business can stay afloat from some of these brainstormed ideas. If you need to negotiate further to keep subscriptions alive, offer promotions for when the doors open again. An idea would be to extend service time or a month of membership.
  • Collaborate with other SMEs: It is certainly a market right now for businesses that sell fitness equipment. sports equipment retailers have seen an increase in their sales since the outbreak. Try and find smaller to medium size businesses to collaborate. Discuss a better deal for people to obtain equipment and do home programs or share in the commissions for keeping business profits alive. There are many ideas for collaboration in health services at this moment.
  • Gym Application: A Gym/ Fitness Application can be built as well with several trainer’s contacts & Health data. They can add several other options to make their user/ subscriber up to date about their health & activities. Add different plans & activities and give everyday record and update to the user. Motivational Notifications can be a plus point to stay connected with your customers Moreover a user-friendly App could do wonders & end up earning through the APP, Google AdSense program as well.

With the loss of jobs and income, customers are likely to cancel gym memberships. Hence, fitness clubs shall freeze people’s gym memberships, taking no additional payments.

Gyms may be able to keep members by automatically freezing subscriptions. Having financial aid from the government will be able to recoup a moderate amount of these expenses. However, fitness is a mindset, and keeping members active from alternative options is better for business in the long run. ‘’

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Federal Minister Faisal Vawda Sets a Great Humanitarian Example



Yesterday, in Karachi, a fire broke out in a rickshaw parked on the side of the road, as a result of which the entire rickshaw was burnt to ashes. The poor driver of the rickshaw tried his best to extinguish the fire but failed, and despite all the efforts, the rickshaw was burnt to ashes.

At the time of the accident, Federal Minister Faisal Vawda was passing by when he saw the fire on the rickshaw and stopped and immediately called the fire brigade personnel to control the fire. The video of the incident went viral on social media.

Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Wawda has taken a good step by showing human sympathy and announced to provide financial assistance to the driver of the rickshaw which was burnt in an accident yesterday and also to get him a new rickshaw.

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Sharing a video of the incident on Twitter, Team Faisal Vawda wrote, “Last night, Faisal brother found a poor man’s rickshaw on fire on the way. After which, Faisal brother immediately gave money to make the rickshaw brand new and the poor rickshaw driver was also given financial assistance.”

When the fire brigade was called by Faisal Vawda, the fire brigade reached the spot and extinguished the fire, but in that time the rickshaw was completely burnt. The poor rickshaw driver was saddened because the only source of employment was taken away. On which Faisal Vawda expressed his regret with him and financially supported him by announcing that he would get a new rickshaw.

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Isn’t it the best Time for Books to Die with Dignity?



For many years our society has not seen any major problem. We had books and stories about World Wars, and movies never let that fantasy go. But as much as books and films will convince you, the truth is the truth anyway and it is also a fact that war, epidemic, famine or anything like that did not shake our society from its foundations.

The operations of the Taliban and the TTP were present, but they did not affect our lives in such a way that the way of life would change completely, as the Coronavirus has now completely shaken us for the first time in our lives. Not only do we need to rearrange our lives, routines, and priorities, but we have to change a lot. These changes are affecting all the sphere of life, but the way the Coronavirus has affected the book and its affiliates, hardly any other way of life has been affected.

Lockdown, uncertainty, and lack of money have kept us away from books. The shops are closed, no one knows when they will open, and when they will open will the buyers buy the book again in the same lifestyle or not? These questions bother many. In such a situation, many people are asking readers to include the purchase of books in their budget so that the book and its affiliates do not give up. But there are other facts and truths that we rarely include in our conversation. Let’s try to tell the same truth today.

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In the last ten to fifteen years, the abundant availability of smartphones and cheap net packages in Pakistan has given birth to a new class of readers, who are not at all interested in reading books and are also against buying volume books. They like books in PDF and there are thousands of reasons to like it. As thousands of PDF books fit in a small USB and space in the house is not a problem. Although selling PDFs is a huge business in the rest of the world, but instead of buying PDFs, millions of young people in Pakistan ask each other for links to it, and groups on many social media sites, including WhatsApp, are creating and distributing PDFs of each new book. Who would want to buy a book when it is available for free?

A large number of publishers in our country are under severe pressure due to this PDF culture. Many publishers appealing from the youth to avoid being a part of this PDF culture as it is killing the writer and publishers. But young people are reluctant to listen to and understand such messages. This has had a direct effect on book sales and author pay, which is why the quality of the book and story is no longer what it used to be. However, there are voices from the youth for the regular elimination of volume books, who are not able to answer the question of what will be made of PDF if the volumes are depleted and when there is no compensation. How can a writer write? Those who love these books are obsessed with turning every book in the world into a PDF and having it available on their computer or laptop, so they have thousands of PDF books all the time but they are more interested in downloading the PDFs rather than reading them.

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This group of people who spend their holidays sleeping and traveling watching movies still do not stop downloading books and keep on increasing their treasures, but when and how will these treasures be used? No response.

Beyond this whole situation, there is another question, what have these books given us? When we try to deceive ourselves with the difficult words of intellectual development, nourishment of the soul, maturity, and ignorance, the real question beyond this rhetoric is the fact that seventy-three years of textbooks and non-textbooks, what effect has it had on today’s youth? Our young generation does not even know about determination, courage, and fortitude. The literature, distinction, and tolerance of the youth are declining with each passing day and the more the youth claims to be studying, the more arrogant and rude he becomes. Social media is a reflection of our society which shows that today’s youth have no etiquette to talk to anyone. He does not know how to agree and disagree. While the shame from the elders and respect and love for the youngers is disappearing from the homes, and this is not visible at all on social media. Our youth excel at ridiculing their political and religious opponents.

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Photoshops and posts based on false nonsense are no longer considered evil on social media, and there is no gender barrier in all of this. On the contrary, the storm of obscenity and nudity that the girls have created on video apps, including Tiktok, has left the Islamic and Eastern civilizations dead, as evidenced by the silence of their families. You must say that our youth is very hardworking and educated and so on. But I am sorry that such a cover-up of the evils has made our young generation like this today. The way our young people spend their time is reflected in their education and the literature they read and write in society.

The only thing that can be said is that after seventy-three years of textbooks and extracurricular books, world-class literature, no-nonsense claims, and the fuss generated by the PDF generation then the question is, if the result is to be in the form of the present young generation, isn’t it better for the book to die with dignity now?

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How to Start your own Business?



The following are some practical tips for young people who want to start their own business. These tips are based on my own observations, experiences, and research on other people. If you agree, you should follow them.

1. Don’t think that whatever you are doing at the moment is useless or a waste of time. Thank goodness you have a job. Because the experience gained from the current job is going to come in handy for the rest of your life.

2. Now, if you are planning to start a business, first think of doing business similar to your current job, don’t try your luck in a whole new field. Like working in a school, in your academy, or school supplies, or other tasks used in your current job. Like most of the bankers are doing side business of couriers, stationery, computer-related products.

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3. Get involved in the business as a sleeping partner or part-time with a business person to learn first. Never quit your job right away, but use the existing job network to start a business.

4. Never enter the learning curve with too much investment. Stay on the sidelines to see and understand business secrets. Don’t be tempted to make quick profits.

5. If needed, hire a sibling, relative, or employee to replace you in your new business. Don’t sacrifice your job right away. Create a feeling of gratitude in yourself and feel happy that you are going to set up a business with a job. Which you will be able to fully adopt soon.

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6. Create a balance between your current job and your new business. Don’t let a business problem affect your job. Keep in mind that you are in the process of learning the business.

7. When your new business starts to grow and you feel that the business needs your full time now, say goodbye to your current job in a good way, not to ruin the relationship in chaos.

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So friends, here are some basic things to look for when starting a business with a job. Remember that setting up your own business is more difficult than a job. Stay away from unrealistic things like I am the boss etc. If you take things in stride and try not to focus too much on the problem, you will be able to start a new business in just a few years.

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