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70+ Sources to Improve Your English Skills Exponentially (Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking)



English is the most widely used language of the world, and without learning it, we cannot progress in any field. The majority of the time, students search for online sources to increase their English writing and speaking skills. Here, we are gonna give you all the free online sources that will help you not only for improving English skills but also to enhance your knowledge about world affairs.

Enhance English Vocabulary (Websites):

  1. Tips to increase vocabulary: Click Here
  2. Grammarly: Click Here
  3. Vocabulary: Click Here
  4. Thesaurus: Click Here
  5. Visu Words: Click Here
  6. Describing Words: Click Here
  7. Etym Online: Click Here
  8. Free Rice: Click Here
  9. Word Sift: Click

Improve English Grammar (Websites):

  1. British Council Grammer: Click Here
  2. English Grammar: Click Here
  3. English Club: Click Here
  4. Perfect English Grammer: Click Here
  5. EF English: Click Here
  6. Using English: Click Here
  7. Purdue Writing Lab: Click Here
  8. English Grammar Secrets: Click Here
  9. Grammar Girl: Click Here
  10. 5 Minute English: Click Here
  11. English Grammar 101: Click Here
  12. Alison English Courses: Click Here

Mobile Apps to increase English Grammar & Vocabulary:

  1. Vocab Victor English: Click Here
  2. Grammarly Keyboard: Click Here
  3. English Vocabulary Builder: Click Here
  4. Vocabulary Builder: Click Here
  5. Ultimate English Vocabulary: Click Here
  6. U-Dictionary: Click Here
  7. English Grammer Lessons: Click Here
  8. English Grammer Practice: Click Here
  9. Improve English: Click Here
  10. A Way A Day: Click Here
  11. Learn English Grammar: Click Here
  12. English Grammer: Click Here
  13. English Grammar Book: Click Here
  14. English Grammar Handbook: Click Here

Youtube Channels To Learn English:

  1. Learn English With Rebecca: Click Here
  2. English Grammar for Beginners: Click Here
  3. English Lessons with Ronnie: Click Here
  4. English Class 101: Click Here
  5. English Essay & Precis Preparation: Click Here
  6. Dr. English Sandeep: Click Here
  7. English Lessons 4U: Click Here
  8. The Skill Sets: Click Here
  9. English Grammar Lessons: Click Here
  10. Shaw English Online: Click Here

English Youtube Channels To increase your Knowledge about the World:

  1. Caspian Report (Highly Recommended): Click Here
  2. DW News: Click Here
  3. Yale Courses: Click Here
  4. Vox: Click Here
  5. Wendover Productions: Click Here
  6. Poly Matters: Click Here
  7. Visual Politik: Click Here
  8. Aljazeera English: Click Here

Read English Newspapers:

  1. Dawn: Click Here
  2. The Nation: Click Here
  3. Tribune: Click Here
  4. The News: Click Here
  5. The Independent: Click Here
  6. Daily Times: Click Here
  7. Aljazeera English: Click Here
  8. Huffington Post: Click Here
  9. NewYork times: Click Here
  10. BBC News: Click Here
  11. The Guardian: Click Here
  12. DailyMail: Click Here

English Magazines & Books:

  1. Reader’s Digest: Click Here
  2. The Diplomat: Click Here
  3. The Nation: Click Here
  4. Global Point: Click Here
  5. Foreign Policy: Click Here

English Books (Grammar, Vocabulary, Essays, Literature):

  1. Best Books to improve English: Click Here
  2. English general: Click Here
  3. English Literature: Click Here
  4. English Precis & Composition: Click Here
  5. English Essays: Click Here

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