تاریخMay 29, 2020

Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza Clarification Video After His Release on Bail

Khalid Talat

Famous Islamic Scholar Engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza got arrested on the 5th of May on the accusation of spreading sectarianism and hatred toward clerics. He was also accused of inciting people on the killing of famous Islamic clerics. The arrest happened after an FIR got registered in the police station, and that was due to a 40-second video that got viral, in which Engineer Mirza was provoking its followers to kill renowned Islamic Scholars of Pakistan. He got released on bail on the 7th of May, and since then, his followers are anxiously waiting to hear his side of the story.

After the release, Engineer Mirza uploaded a detailed video, in which he clarified the scenario. He stated that the video that got viral was from a 4-hour video lecture, which he recorded three years ago. The 40-second clip had taken out of context, and it was a planned conspiracy against him by few clerics. He revealed that many clerics are not happy from his teachings, and conspired to defame him. He stated that all of his teachings are based on the Quran and Sahih Ahadees, while the clerics of our country don’t want their public to read and understand our holy books. He exposed the real conspirators who were behind the whole scene.

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