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Ertugrul Superstar ‘Engin Altan’ Interview with Noreen Khan Praising Pakistanis



The drama based on the life of Turkish General Ertugrul Ghazi, “Dirilis: Ertugrul”, was a success in Turkey after its release and the series became popular all over the world through Netflix. The drama has broken all records of success.

The drama serial “Dirilis: Ertugrul” is being dubbed in Urdu under the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan and is being aired under the name “Ertugrul Ghazi” and rumors of Pakistanis’ love for this drama have spread all over the world.

Recently, the play’s hero, Engine Altan Duzyatan, who played the role of Ertugrul Ghazi, was interviewed by the British broadcaster BBC Asian Network.

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The host asked the Engin, “when you were shooting this drama, did you think that this drama would be such an extraordinary success and people would love it so much?”

“When we were shooting the play, we knew in the beginning that it would be a memorable series, but we didn’t think it would be such an extraordinary success,” said Engin Altan. “But we are very happy that “Ertugrul” is being liked so much”.

The host said that after “Ertugrul” became a worldwide hit, many people wanted to come to Turkey and learn about it. Engin replied, “the fact that Turkey’s popularity has increased due to the series is good news”.

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The host said that “Dirilis Ertugrul” is being dubbed in Urdu and is being aired in Pakistan where this series has broken all records of popularity. What do you think could be the reason for Pakistanis to like this series so much?

“I think both the Pakistani and Turkish people like well-crafted stories,” said Altan.

Watch the whole Interview:

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Celebrities & Glamour

Pakistani Govt gave a National Award to a Sexual Harasser, Iffat Omar



On the occasion of Independence Day, the President of Pakistan announced to give civil awards to 184 personalities who have rendered services to the country. On which actress Iffat Omar wrote on Twitter yesterday, without naming anyone, that in the 21st century it is only possible in Pakistan to give an award by the government to a person allegedly involved in sexual harassment.

She also used the hashtag “Long live Pakistan”. Iffat Omar did not specify in her tweet who she was talking about, but her tweet went viral on social media.

It should be noted that two years ago in 2018, singer Meesha Shafi had accused singer and actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment, which led to a long legal battle between the two. Ali Zafar later claimed that Meesha Shafi could not prove her allegations, the court dismissed her case and thus Ali Zafar won the case.

According to social media users, the actress has said this about Ali Zafar. A large number of social media users came out in favor of Ali Zafar and criticized actress Iffat Omar for making allegations without any evidence. They are saying that if she has any evidence, she should present it in court.

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Celebrities & Glamour

Criticism against the Turkish drama ‘Ertugrul’ by some Pakistani Artists is Shameful, Zahid Ahmed



The series of statements in favor of or against the Turkish drama serial based on Islamic conquests is not new. Many Pakistani artists have made statements in favor of it, and in their view, similar Islamic and instructive stories should be worked on in Pakistan as well.

On the other hand, there are some actors who say that there should be a ban on broadcasting foreign content on state TV in Pakistan and according to such artists, their rights are being violated by introducing foreign actors and dramas. Zahid Ahmed, a well-known actor, replied to such artists and actors, and expressed his views during the Instagram live session.

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He said that he feels sorry that Pakistan, despite being a Muslim country, is not making such content. He openly accepted the success and popularity of ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’ in Pakistan.

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Pakistani actor #ZahidAhmed believes religious content based on historic figures should be incorporated in Pakistani dramas, and mentions the success of Turkish drama Diriliş:Ertuğrul which is currently being aired on PTV as an example. He also says that some local celebrities behaved quite shamefully when it came to airing foreign content on national channels when instead they should have been more welcoming because their job opportunities aren't going anywhere. @zahid.ahmed.official – Video by @wajihuddin

A post shared by DIVA Magazine Pakistan (@divamagazinepakistan) on

The actor said that the argument made by some artists against the series was very embarrassing and useless. Artists have concerns about foreign content is being broadcast in Pakistan, which will cause problems for their jobs.

Zahid Ahmed said that if you are good at your job then you should not worry because your job will not go anywhere. We should be ashamed that we as a Muslim country are unable to produce such material.

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Celebrities & Glamour

Sanam Baloch Unveiled Pictures of her Daughter for the First Time – When did she gets married?



Leading Pakistani host and actress Sanam Baloch shared photos of her daughter, after which it went viral on social media and people are asking why the actress did not let anyone know about her second marriage?

Sanam’s first marriage to Asadullah Farhat ended in 2018, after which she appeared in several TV programs but never mentioned her second marriage.

Sanam remained active on social media during this time, but she never gave any indication as to when she got married, so now all of a sudden the pictures with her daughter have shocked her followers.

It can be seen in the pictures that Sanam and her daughter are wearing the same color cloths and it looks like her daughter is a few months old. The beautiful henna on the girl’s hand and the ring worn on her finger drew everyone’s attention. Showbiz friends, including Sanam’s fans on Instagram, are sending their good wishes and congratulatory messages.

Sanam’s brother and fashion journalist Muhammad Asadullah also congratulated Sanam by sharing photos on Instagram.

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As much as there’s this motherhood glow on Sanam’s face, just as much excited, happy and sentimental I am for becoming an uncle myself. ♥️♥️ Sending lots of duas, wishes, prayers and love to the little one!! Folks! That’s Sanam Baloch with her baby daughter ♥️ 🧿 MashaAllah! @thesanambaloch . . . . . . . . . . . . . #styleicon #instagram #vogue #love #live #photography ##sanambaloch #pakistan #actor #celebrity #drama #interview #celebrities #tv #قطر #fashion #gossipgirl #sister #siblings #interview #tagforlikes #friends #paris #france #mother #motherdaughter #mom #newmom #niece

A post shared by Muhammad Asad Ullah (@asadullahgt) on

Fans are bombarding her with questions like, “When did you get married for the second time and when did you have a daughter?” But the actress has not responded yet.

Sanam Baloch has unveiled pictures of her daughter, but it is still a mystery as to who she married for the second time, which fans are extremely curious about.

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