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Doctor are Deliberately Killing Corona Patients for Money – Kokab Norani [Video]



Another controversial statement has been made about the coronavirus and this time from a religious figure. Religious leader Kakab Noorani has claimed that doctors are deliberately killing Coronavirus patients because of donations. In a speech, Kokab Noorani said that people do not need to go to any hospital, but it is necessary to take all precautionary measures to avoid this deadly virus.

Addressing worshipers at a mosque in Karachi, Kokab Noorani said, “Doctors in hospitals are testing every patient’s corona and then putting everyone on ventilators. Then the patient is not even able to return home, and it’s only because doctors are getting paid to kill patients, they won’t even let your family see you.”

He added that the vaccines that the Jews are developing for the coronavirus will help control our minds. Jews are putting a microchip in the vaccine that can control the human brain, whoever uses the vaccine once, will lose the ability to think for himself. Kokab Noorani added that the Jews also intend to replace the traditional currency with digital currency such as bitcoins to control the world so that people around the world can be monitored.

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